Buri Nazar Ki Dua

Nazar is a big problem in our society because a nazar will directly effects over on kid. If a kid is affected from nazar then obviously he/she will not eaten food properly as before they eats. A nazar can be effects over kid on any things. If an our kid is feeding and someone other neighbours come and see kid feeding then sure sometime child will not feed properly until this will not remove nazar from our child. Sometimes we can look that our kid is eating some fruits and a outside person see that ohhh he/she can eating fruits without any issues or likes it. By words of this or eye contacting by other over child will get affected by evil eye.

Our kid not every time effected with buri nazar but sometimes he/she will get affected from such type of issues. An evil eye will just effected by eye contact with target child if other people see by get surprisingly then our kid may affected from such type of issues.

Kid Symptoms of Buri Nazar:-

If a child is affected from buri nazar then sure he/she will not proper eats as they before eats. Child will start weeping without any reasons. If you see our kid eyes then you will see that child will not look front of you properly. Child will not drink milk and not play properly as before you can see and many other symptoms you can see as you regular monitor your child.

Remove Buri Narar Dua(nazar se bachne ki dua):-

Read verse 87 Anbiya and after recite Fajr Salat for 40 days. Read sawalat 15 days then read below dua to get protection from evil eye for your child.

Remove Buri Narar Dua

Remove Buri Narar Dua

Many times you have looked that your business is also get effected from evil eye so need to recite quranic dua to get safety from evil eye. Evil eye can be effect on any things like home, jobs, love, family, child etc. If you have get effected buri nazar then don’t think more just concern with us for getting any problems solutions.

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