Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran


Do you want to be reunited with your lover that you are now separated from? Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran Would you like to rekindle that spark of love that kept you warm during difficult times? Would you like to reclaim your lost love that is still humming in your soul and every single fiber of your body? If yes, then you are reading the right post. It’s not unheard of for couples to split only to realize later on that they were always made for each other.

That they are each other’s soulmate. Many people make the mistake of breaking up too early and then later realize just how empty and lifeless they feel later. 

Best Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back

If you are one of those and are now wondering how you can reclaim your ex-lover back, then this Islamic wazifa will work like magic for you. Would you like to know the secret recipe for how you can reclaim your lost love? If yes, then read this below paragraph. Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran Make sure to carry out this wazifa accurately with all your heart and soul and Insha Allah, in no time – will you be reunited with your ex-lover.

The Process of Wazifa for ex Love Back 

Start by making fresh ablution.

After Wudu, perform Esha Salat.

Recall the face of your lover and repeat this Islamic wazifa 265 times “wallah zaqar sir miyan Allah Bismillah ya wal tarah”

Recite Durood Shareef 6 times.

Do this for a fortnight regularly.

Insha Allah, if you perform this wazifa every day with your heart and might, your lover will come rushing back in your life in no time. God blessed, you will soon be reunited with the love of your life and you will get everything that you truly deserve. 

Procedure to perform Dua to get your ex-boyfriend back

Want to get back your Ex-love? It’s hard to get them back in life after you’ve lost love. It is a gift to get my love back again. You can just get grass for your Ex through the prayer. Win back passion with worship. You should undoubtedly pray to God if you don’t want to obey the black sorcery to restore the love of your life. The only key is that you believe in God because if you believe in God, he will allow you to get loving soon.

Make a fresh Roza on Thursdays for three weeks.

On Thursday nights after midnight, say a wudoo prayer seven times regularly.

Allahumma Tiff (name of your beloved) ibn/ Binti Fulani (name of your mother) ale Falanaa (your name) ibn? Binti Falanaa (name of your mother)

Perform this dua at least 79 times.

Now Recite Durood sharif 21 times.

Wazifa to get lost love back

Going beyond your ego to reunite with the love

The fact that you are reading this blog is proof enough that you have decided to rise above your ego. Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran It is a sign of a pure soul. It means that you value love more than ego. A person like this is bound to be successful in life. Now that you have taken this first step, always make sure to live every single day from now on in complete awe and appreciation for the phenomenon of love and for the very fact that you got to experience what love is. Love is the force that keeps the world going. 

Dua for someone to come back to you

Other than that, you should always thank Allah Tallah for being the guiding force and guiding light in your life. Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran All of this wisdom and knowledge is coming straight from that Almighty who is the ocean of knowledge. Without His powers, none of these powerful duas and wazifas that have solved and make easy countless lives in the past have easy would not have been possible.

Stay in tune with Allah Tallah

Allah specifically favors those who love the essence of love. Those who are always choosing love and want to cherish it, Allah has a special place for such people. Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran Congratulations because you are one of those people. With that said, you should always perform namaz at least thrice a day. This will purify your heart and fill it with love.

Once you are connected with that ocean of love, you won’t seek it. You will become love. You will start oozing with a fountain of love and will start attracting it in life.

Islamic Dua To Forget Someone You Love

 One of the worst things you can do to yourself in life in the past. Holding on to the hurt of the past is one of the unhealthiest things or you can say to have dua to forget someone you love. We can all agree with that; aren’t we? Killing yourself while thinking about your lost love is not going to do you any good. What will happen after doing dua, to stop loving someone. It will only take away the happiness you can enjoy in the present moment.

There is no point dwelling in the past over the dua to forget someone you love Love happens for a reason. Sometimes the purpose of love is to awake some important dormant emotion in you. Other times, love comes to teach you a lesson. When that part is over, the person moves out of your life. You have no choice but to move on and forget the person.

Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love

But, often because of our short-sightedness, we cannot see why someone came into our life and why they had to leave us. Islamic dua to forget someone you love is the way which was essential for our growth to make room for bigger, better, and more extraordinary things in life.

Sometimes in life, we are faced with situations where we have to walk away from a loved one. The dua to forget someone you love can help us to deal with breaks up or in particular can be quite taxing on a person’s emotional and mental health. Sometimes, the pain can be so much that some people end up living in that pain for years by guilting dua to remove someone from your heart. That’s not the way to live your life.

Islamic Dua To Get Your True Love Back

If you also stuck with such negative emotions, you need to perform Islamic dua to forget your long lost loves and help you move on instead of giving dua to forget something.

Wazifa To Forget Someone

A heartbroken person often loses his logical mind. He/she is often high on emotions, and no amount of logic or justification will convince them to forget a person. Sometimes even after years have gone by, they still dwell on the happenings from the past. The Dua to forget someone is a pray. That is why Islamic duas are so powerful when it comes to forgetting someone completely.

That is because a prayer hits you on the level of the soul. The dua to forget someone completely reaches you deep into your infinite ocean of knowledge and tells you something that you always knew. It then deepens that belief and gives you strength that cannot come from any book or lecture or someone else’s words. It’s all within you already. You have to reach for it.

Wazifa to make someone mad in love

Life is meant to be lived and loved and enjoyed every single moment. And while not all days are the same, we can make provisions to make sure each day is as beautiful as it can be instead of giving dua to forget someone you love. But, we also know it’s easier said than done. Sometimes we know what is best for us, but despite that knowledge, we cannot bring that knowledge into practice.

A dua is supposed to help you do what you need to do by connecting you with Allah Tallah and by not hoping for dua to remove someone from your life. By remembering that almighty and source of power, you can tap into his blessings and powers. You gain control over your emotions. Your emotions don’t control you, and they no longer sway you.

Dua To Forget Someone You love

If you are dealing with losing a loved one or having broken up with someone, you should not wait too long before moving on with your life. Your’s Dua to forget bad memories not only will keep you in the past, but it will also not let you explore new people and find love in someone else who is probably more deserving of your pet.

Dua To Forget Someone You love.

These duas are nothing short of a magic pill. Let me share this with you, the dua to forget someone you love will work in mysterious ways of getting you out of that vicious cycle of mystery that our mind creates all on our own. We fail to see it when we are in deep pain and agony. But, with the very first attempt at this powerful dua, you should feel something deep within your starting to fill.

That hole or void which was created by the separation will start to fill again and not from dua to forget someone you love. You will see that you have begun to forget someone in no time.

Dua to forget someone completely

The Most Potent Way To Get Over Anyone It will only be a matter of time before that person is out of your mind entirely and all their memories are gone for good. At that moment, you will transcend to your higher self, and self-love will emerge like a fountain of love. The dua to forget someone you love is a weaker person train personality which is in yourself.

But don’t take our word for it. Talk to our Molvi Ji and try it for yourself. Instead of giving dua to stop loving someone, You should see the magic happen within your first attempt at performing this dua.

But, if you are finding yourself unable to move on, then don’t worry. The dua to forget someone will not do anything for you, but the thing that will work for you is Islamic dua. Wazifa is meant to help the meek and timid who are finding it difficult to move on with their life and forget someone they love so they can live a healthy and peaceful life.

Perform the namaaz that you perform every one

You will need to recite “Allahu Kafi wah nih imaal wah ala hamdoo kafiniyal omar tomas romanaty domantas godey keefe Jodi.”

You will need to repeat this before and after performing durood Shareef 3 times

Remember Allah tallah with all your heart and soul.

Ask for his mercy and power.

Dua To Forget Someone You love

In Sha Allah, He will bestow you with his powers and blessings, and you will have enough courage and prayers to get over whoever it is that you’re trying to get over.

Also, sometimes some people can have difficulty performing this dua on their own. Forget dua to forget the past. In that case, you should have a word with our Molvi Saab. He will aid you in performing this dua accurately and correctly.

Read some positive and elevating. What could be more elevated than the Holy Quran? It’s the words of Allah Tallah himself. By not giving importance to dua to forget someone you love. Instead, if you make it a habit never to skip reading this most powerful scripture even a day, you will feel your soul elevating.

You will feel like a brand new person with a loveful and positive attitude towards everything in life. Perform dua to forget someone completely When you can love anything and everything – you will realize how you were limiting your potential by focusing on just one person.

Islamic Dua To Forget Someone You Love

Reading the Quran will teach you the art of staying in a state of love all the time. Give priority to yourself, you will feel love coursing through your body all the time.

What else can you do? Other than performing the Dua as mentioned above – it would help if you tried to engage in something positive and elevating. dua for forgetting someone is not easy, but One of the best ways to get over a person you used to love is by turning your pain into something artistic and creative.

The Islamic dua to forget someone you love is okay but have you ever tried going to a store and grab a bunch of art supplies and start painting. You can also write poetry, draw scenery, dedicate a song to your loved one, or take a trip to somewhere beautiful. You will be surprised at how engaging in creative works of art and craft will uplift your soul. 

It will enrich your experience, and it will make you blessed about life and not from the dua for forgetting someone. This is a tried and tested way to turn your pain into something more beautiful and extensive than life itself. Instead of brooding over a person who is no longer in your life – make the most of life and your creative force.

Dua or Wazifa For Removing Distress And Hardship

 Almost everyone goes through phases of depression in life. Dua or Wazifa For Removing Distress And Hardship It’s hard to imagine a person who has not experienced, at least once in a life, a depressive episode. But, there is absolutely no rule that you have to live with it.

If you have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or suspect that you have it, you need to take corrective measures. You can start with Islam’s ways and see what it has to say to lead a peaceful and happy life. Dua or Wazifa For Removing Distress And Hardship There’s nothing quite like using dua for depression to get out of that dark life period, which is haunting you.

Dua For Removing Distress And Hardship

Would you like to know what that dua is? If yes, then read this blog till the end and make sure to carry out the instructions in detail –

Dua for Depression 

Clean yourself and sit in the room where you perform namaz

Place a glass of water and bless it with the remembrance of Allah Tallah.

Repeat this Quranic dua 435 times “La shukran rabbi Allah waqr bismil usher dim query.”

Pick any verse of Surah Al-Baqrah and repeat it five times.

Ask Allah to help you through hard times.

Do this regularly for at least a month. Additionally, perform namaz three times a day.

Dua for stress, anxiety and depression

To overcome any hurdle in life, you need first to understand the nature of that hurdle or problem. More often than not, people battling with depression try to overcome it without understanding its root cause.

 If you are going through a depressive episode, try to find out what causes or dua for removing hardship. In some cases, an event can trigger depression. Try to find out what it is that is causing you depression. 

Is it your bad habits? Is it overthinking? It is the anticipation of a future event that hasn’t even happened. Perhaps you are dwelling too much on the past.

Dwelling on the past is one of the leading reasons that the majority today is struggling with depression. Dua or Wazifa For Removing Distress And Hardship If this is also why you’re feeling unhappy in life right now, then don’t worry. You will get out of it. Instead of dwelling on the past, try to bring your attention to the present.

The more you live in the present, the more you will get yourself accustomed to a happy life.

What Else Can You Do?

In addition to performing dua for depression, there are a couple of other things that you can do. For one thing, you can start by maintaining a healthy diet. Make sure to eat home-cooked food as much as you can. 

Dua For Removing Distress And Hardship

If you feel like talking to a therapist might help you, then feel free to do that. Dua or Wazifa For Removing Distress And Hardship It would help if you also tried to cut down on reading news or depressing movies/shows.



Try to read lighthearted content and watch happy movies. It is better if you read as much elevating content as you can. Read motivational stories and biographies of great people.

Most importantly, you should make it a point in life to read the Quran. Dua or Wazifa For Removing Distress And Hardship It would be best if you got into the habit of reading this holy scripture every single day. It contains the most elevated words ever spoken. Try to implement Islam’s teachings in your life, and Allah Tallah will be pleased with you.

If you still can’t seem to find a solution, talk to our Molvi Ji.

Dua or Wazifa To Find a Job in Hijab


Finding a job can be a stressful endeavor. Not only is it difficult and stressful for men, but it is equally difficult for women as well. Dua or Wazifa To Find a Job in Hijab It is much more difficult for women to find the right that suits them than it is for the man. Things get even more complicated when you are a Muslim woman who wears a Hijab. 

That is why you need Dua or Wazifa to Find a Job in Hijab. Wearing a Hijab can often make people think differently from you and not in a good light. dua for job problems If you are struggling to find the right job, then this post should help you out.

Put Your Faith In Islam

Faith is something that can move mountains. Not a lot of people have faith in anything. So, if you have found faith in Islam as the true religion, then you should consider yourself lucky. Because faith can make the impossible things happen. If you lack confidence, then most things that you truly desire in your life will not come true. 

It is true of anything and everything. Whether you are performing a wazifa for a job or any other purpose, faith is that essential ingredient without which you will not achieve anything. You will have a hard time manifesting your true desires and making them a reality.

Dua or Wazifa to Find a Job in Hijab

Repeat Ya Wahabo, which translates to ‘the Giver.’ Seek the giver in Allah Tallah so that He will show you the path leading to the right job.

Recite ‘ya Wadoodu’ 324 times 

Repeat this dua 43 times “al waqira, zakir, som tar walah surah.”

Do this every single day for a month to see the result.

Every day before going to bed, ask for Allah Tallah’s mercy and help. Ask him to show you which career options are best for you. dua to get a job for my husband More importantly, have faith in Him.

Dua or Wazifa To Find a Job in Hijab

In addition to performing Dua or Wazifa to Find a Job in Hijab, you should also make sure to fear Allah Tallah. When we say fear, we mean that you should listen to what He has to say and make it a part of your life. Dua or Wazifa To Find a Job in Hijab A lot of people do not take the teachings of Islam seriously and often find themselves going astray. 

It happens with a lot of people. It would help if you were fearful of the kinds of punishments waiting for people who do not believe in Islam, especially those who are not true Muslims.

Dua for getting job abroad

Be a Good Muslim and Stay True to Your Religion

There are some guidelines and a set of rules for every Muslim. If you are performing a dua or wazifa, then you should strive to be a good Muslim. Wazifa to get dream job First, be deserving of whatever it is you desire to manifest. When you are right to your religion and have deep and non-shattering love for Allah, everything becomes super easy. 

Everything will come to you that you truly desire in life. If it’s the financial success that you want, then that’s what you will get. Dua or Wazifa To Find a Job in Hijab If it’s peace you wish, then that’s what you will get. But, it all starts with you being a good and faithful Muslim and staying true to all the teachings and making them a part of your religion.

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim


Do you want to know the Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim? Islam is not just a religion – it’s a way of life. And a true Muslim is an embodiment of all those teachings.

A true Muslim should follow all of the teachings that Allah Tallah has laid out for us immortals. And while many people put their heart and soul into following all these practices, a person goes astray. He sometimes loses track of his focus and finds himself sinking lower and lower into worldly pleasures.

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A Better Muslimah

They start to lose their sense of divinity, which Islam brings out in them. beautiful dua for husband If you are a married woman who has lately started noticing a change in her husband’s behaviour, you have come to the right place. This post aims to educate you about ways in which you can help your husband find his lost ways.

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim


After performing the namaz of Isha, sit in the posture of prayer once again.

Make sure to perform it after your menses are over.

Take a couple of cardamoms and place them in a glass of water.

Now place a picture of your husband alongside it and while concentrating on both glass and picture, repeat this wazifa 131 times “mah sun bin lament za a ley kate mhisa toro de Ville par sum”

Take a verse of Surah An-Nisa and repeat it five times.

Now use that water and cardamom while cooking for your husband.

Do this consistently for a month, and soon you will start to notice a change in your husband’s heart. Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim You will see that he has started to perform namaz every day. You will see him showing more interest in the Quran and Quranic ways of life. He will start talking more and more about the teachings of Islam. If you do things right, all his and more should follow.

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A Better Muslimah

Insha Allah, your prayers will be answered, and you will find it in your heart that Allah has answered your prayers.

Dua in islam to get married to the man i love

Your Duty as a Wife

One of the reasons why you should perform a Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim is because it is your duty as a loving and caring wife to bring in your husband. A man is supposed to go higher and higher in his life. That is why a man needs religion in his life. 

Without religion, you will not be able to fly high in life. When two people decide to get married, they are doing more than just agreeing to spend time with each other. They agree to help each other grow and evolve.

As a wife, if you have sensed a set of changes in your husband’s behaviours that are not in line with how a true Muslim is supposed to behave, then you are on the right path. Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim This is how a good wife is supposed to act.

Dua for husband success in business

You are fulfilling your duties in the right manner as a good and loving wife. dua to protect my husband in Islam With your care and high energies, your husband will soon find that he is growing slowly and sure. It is only a matter of time before your wishes come true.

Talk to a Molvi Ji

At times, the solution is in front of you. But, because we are so busy with the entanglements of our lives, we fail to see that solution. Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim This is when it is best if you talk to a Molvi Ji.

Dua or Wazifa to Help Cure My Acne Problem

 Are you wondering what is the Dua or Wazifa to Help Cure My Acne Problem ? If yes, then you are reading the right blog. This blog aims to shed some light on some potent and helpful Islamic ways to cure your acne problem. Acne is a common problem, especially among girls. 

Boys also suffer from this health and medical issue. Which surah to recite for skin problems But, it is a bigger deal for the females. Because they are more conscious of how they look – they are more concerned with problems like acne and blister.

Dua or Wazifa to Help Cure My Acne Problem

Process of dua or wazifa to help cure my acne problem

Start with wudu

Perform namaz of Isha

Recite this wazifa 324 times “Zahra wakir sim vilat Amy krin ul mil Kul vain sambal”.

Take a chapter of durood Shareef and repeat it five times

Do this regularly for five weeks

If you regularly perform it, you will see in no time; your face has started to clear. Other than that, it would help if you also tried following the following tricks to make sure a speed cure from acne that is bothering you.

Pray every day

Your physical health is a direct reflection of your mental health. Islamic cure for acne One of the primary reasons why you’re probably breaking out is because you are possibly stressed out. When you are under stress or stress, the likelihood of acne and breakout will increase. Therefore, to clear your mental blockages and have a peaceful mind, you need to perform namaz every day.

How can I heal my acne fast?

This goes without saying that you need to eat right. Besides performing dua or wazifa to help cure my acne problem, make sure to include fruits and salads in your diet. Other than that, it would help if you stay hydrated. Do not over drink water but make sure that your body is getting enough water every day. Hydration is super important to prevent acne and to have smooth baby-like skin.

Perform Light Exercise Every Day

Exercise lightly. Even if it means walking for twenty minutes, do it. Do not set big goals for yourself; otherwise, you may never even start with them. The smaller the plans, the better chances you have to achieve them. Do not aim to exercise for an hour or so. Even half an hour is useful if you are committed to it.

Avoiding indulging in Sinful Activities 

There are a lot of things and activities that have been condemned by Allah Tallah. For example, drinking and sinful indulgences are off-limits for someone who is currently performing wazifa or dua. Islamic dua for clear skin The more you strict with a routine and disciplined lifestyle, the better chance you have at 

Anything that doesn’t sit right with your conscious – don’t indulge in it. This is one of the best ways to lead a peaceful and healthy life.

Talk to a Good Molvi Ji

When all else fails, you can always count on a right molvi Ji to help you with life’s most significant problems. Dua or Wazifa to Help Cure My Acne Problem No matter if you are struggling with some marital problem that seems too big for you to handle all on your own, or whether you are going through some other issue in life, the guidance that comes from a molvi Ji, nothing can compete with that. 

If you don’t know any right molvi Ji, you can always talk to us.

Dua to Marry a Woman Who is Already Married

 Have you lately developed feelings for a woman who is already married? Perhaps you want to get married to her. You are now searching for Dua to marry a woman who is already married. Is that so? If yes, then you are probably feeling torn about your choice.

There’s also a good chance that you are filled with guilt right. But, there are certain circumstances where it is right to want to marry a married woman. There are times when a woman is in a toxic marriage or a failing marriage that is making her life miserable. 

Dua to Marry a Woman Who is Already Married

In such cases, it’s okay to want to save her from those toxic relationships. Sometimes, the entry of a third person is the way to salvage someone who is suffering. Would you like to know how you can marry a woman who is already married? Well, then keep reading.

Dua to Marry a Married Woman

First, you need to clean yourself off. Make sure there is no water anywhere. 

Ready yourself to sit in the posture of namaz

Recite this Dua 321 times “al mil zarah taq saraf sil alp qoram Torah salat.”

Recite Surah Al Baqarah 5 times

Do this regularly for four weeks.

Insha Allah, your wishes for true love will be granted. If your intentions are pure, then you are going to succeed in your endeavour. Do not worry. Just have faith that whatever you have set your heart to, it will be granted to you.

Believe in the Power of Love

Sometimes, at times like these, where you are feeling for a married woman – there can often be doubtful days. Dua to marry a woman who is already married You might think if what you are doing is right or wrong. That’s normal. If you have faith in your love, then you need to maintain that love. You need to have undying faith in the power of love.

Dua to Marry a Woman Who is Already Married

Sometimes, a person tries to marry a married woman to spite someone. Perhaps he wants to take revenge from someone by trying to split up their marriage. If that is the case, then your wishes will not come true. Your intentions should be warm and clear.

Your intention should be pure. As long as your intentions are pure, then you are good to go. In that case, you can continue to perform your dua every single day, and your prayers will soon be answered. 

If there is any malice in your heart, then there is a good chance that your wishes will not come true. You have to understand that. That is why real humans who are of good heart and intentions will often find that their wishes have been answered way quicker than they thought it would be. 

Dua to Make Someone My Spouse

Send loveful prayers at night.

Before going to bed at night, make sure to take out ten minutes during which time you will send powerful and lovely thoughts for the person you love. Dua to marry a woman who is already married Make sure to send powerful vibrations of love for the woman you love. It will comfort her soul and make her feel happy.

This one small exercise will do wonders in making sure that your desires and prayers come true. Dua to marry a woman who is already married Use this exercise in the service of love and the pursuit of that love.  And, if you ever run into any problems in life, then you can talk to our Molvi Ji. 

How to get your duas accepted in ramadan


How to get your duas accepted in Ramadan? This is a question on the minds of a lot of Muslim brothers and sisters. And it’s a good question. Are duas accepted in Ramadan? The month of Ramadan is the most powerful one because during these days, during which you are reading many more pages of the Quran than you would during any other month. 

Not only are you praying, Sunnah, but you are praying many rakats of Taraweeh as well. Times when dua is accepted during Ramadan, Mulsim brothers and sisters are also doing a powerful and one of the most spectacular forms of Duas. 

How to get your duas accepted in ramadan

If you are wondering ‘how to get your duas accepted in Ramadan’, then this is the post for you.

Perform dua during that time of the day when the likelihood of it getting accepted is the highest

Make sure to follow proper Dua etiquette

Avoid sin and obey Allah’s orders

Let’s now talk about them in detail.

Pick the Best times for Dua to be Accepted

The last third of the night, when it’s time for suhoor, if you perform your dua during that time, it will benefit you.

You can also perform it after you are done performing the obligatory namaz

Between iqamah and adhan

Perform dua when it’s raining.

Perform dua while you are on a fast

Dua during prostration (sajdah).

After breaking the fast

After Wudu

Will Allah accept my dua in Ramadan.

Follow Dua Etiquette

You can’t just sit down and start performing a Dua. There is a certain etiquette involved in how you are supposed to perform a Dua. You need to follow all the guidelines that have been laid down by our great Prophet.

When you start to perform a Dua, you need to start in the right manner. How to get your duas accepted in Ramadan Meaning, you need to clean yourself properly and make sure that your mind is silent. After all, you need to sit silent and start by Praising Allah Tallah for blessing you. After praising Him, you need to send a message upon our Prophet.

How to get your duas accepted in ramadan

One more way to increase the likelihood of getting your dua accepted is by calling Allah by all His beautiful names. In the Quran, there are several names by which you can Address that Almighty. Try to do that.

Dua for acceptance of dua

Islam is more than just a religion. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a set of rules that will make your life more beautiful than your imagination if you abide by them. Guaranteed dua acceptance It will turn your life into a beautiful, fragrant garden.

Not just that, if you follow all the guidelines of Allah, the chances of your dua getting accepted will be multiplied by several folds. You will be able to win his heart, and he will take your wishes under advisement.

Avoid indulging in sin. For example, you should eat right, and you should not have any bad thoughts in your mind. 

You should not eat halal and avoid consuming alcohol. The things that are deemed ‘sinful’ in the Quran you should avoid indulging in them. 

Talk to Us

There are several more ways in which you get your dua accepted. If you still have questions about ‘how to get your duas accepted in Ramadan’ – then you should talk to our molvi Ji.

How Can I Seek Forgiveness from Allah


Are you wondering, ‘How Can I Seek Forgiveness from Allah ?‘ We are all sinners. We have all sinned at some point of another. But, wise is the man who knows how and when to seek Almighty’s forgiveness that we call Allah Tallah. Without His forgiveness, your consciousness can grow heavy with burden, and it can take a toll on you. 

How Can I Seek Forgiveness from Allah?

To avoid that, you need to indulge in the right kind of rituals and prayers. To that end, Islamic ways are really powerful. Signs that allah will not forgive In this post, we talk about some of the most powerful ways to seek forgiveness from Allah Miyan. How Can I Seek Forgiveness from Allah ? Would you like to know what those methods are? Then keep reading.

How Can I Seek Forgiveness from Allah?

Make a Request To Allah Tallah

Do Charity

Perform Hajj

Be sincere and do not repeat your mistakes

Let’s talk about these methods in detail 

Make a Request To Allah Tallah  The first step to requesting Allah Tallah is first to recognize that you have sinned. As long as you are in the realization of your sins, the job is half done. Once you have identified your corruption, you then need to make a humble request to Allah Tallah. But, make sure that it’s coming from the bottom of your heart. If you are requesting Allah Tallah, just for the sheer formality of it all, it’s not going to happen.

How to seek forgiveness from Allah for Zina

Make a sincere request to Allah to forgive your sins and guide you on the path of enlightenment.

Do Charity

Charity does not necessarily always have to be about giving something. You can try to volunteer at an organization. You can also try to help at the children’s organization. Try to visit nursing homes. Older adults love to interact with new people. Anything you can do to make a meaningful contribution to the world will be a good chance for you to redeem yourself.

How Can I Seek Forgiveness from Allah?

The charity can also come in the form of feeding the poor that you see on the street. It could be anything as long as it’s coming from your heart. How Can I Seek Forgiveness from Allah? Make sure that you are not doing something just for the sake of doing it. The reason for performing charity should come from within your heart. And you should see the magic happen.

Perform Hajj

How to ask for forgiveness from allah in ramadan

As we all know, Hajj is a religious journey to the place of holy worship in Islam. subhan allah wa bihamdihi All the sins of any person who visits Hajj with a pure heart will be washed away. Although this is a massive undertaking and it’s not something that everyone and anyone can do. 

So, this step might not be for everyone. Weigh your options and see which one seems like the right one for you.

Be sincere and don’t repeat your mistakes.

This one is super important. Any attempt to salvage yourself will be futile unless you are confident that you will not repeat it. how do you know if allah has forgiven you It would help if you made it a point in life that you are not going to repeat that mistake, which is weighing down your soul all over again. 

These are some of the tried and tested ways to seek redemption in Islam. If you still have more questions and are still wondering ‘how can i seek forgiveness from Allah’ then you can talk to our molvi Ji.

Islamic Dua for Finding a Muslim Girl to Marry

 How do I find a good Muslim girl to marry. Islamic Dua for Finding a Muslim Girl to Marry This question wrecks the brains of a lot of people. And, it’s a legit one. After all, the decision of marriage is a big one. And, it would be best if you put a lot of thought and consideration into it. Otherwise, you could very well end up with an unsatisfactory and unhappy life.

Islamic Dua for Finding a Muslim Girl to Marry

Would you like to know how Islam can help you with that? Would you like to see what you can do to make sure that you meet the right Muslim girl with whom you can spend a happy, meaningful, and prosperous life?

Everything You Need To Know About Dua For Finding A Muslim Girl To Marry

Recite Dua al mashlul after Fajr salat. You can also pick any other obligatory salat as well and make sure to practice it regularly for at least 40 days

Abstain yourself from eating animal flesh

Read the Quran every single day.

When you recite the du-a’a make sure you wear Ihram dress

Recite the following dua 212 times

kullahaa tumbitul anfusihim mimmaa subh’aanallad’ee min 

Have Faith in Allah

It is a common observation with some men that despite their best efforts, they cannot attract the right girl in their life. Islamic Dua for Finding a Muslim Girl to Marry You have to know that there is nothing wrong with that.

Some men go into self-loathing, thinking that they are not good enough, so they are not meeting that right girl. But that’s not true at all. Sometimes, it’s taking such a long time for things to unfold the way you want because something better is waiting for you.

Dua for good spouse from quran

Instead of going into despair, thinking that something is missing in life, use that time productively. Try to engage yourself in a spiritual quest. Read the Quran as much as you can and embark on a new project just for the sheer fun of it. But, at the back of your head – have this undying faith that the right girl is waiting for you.

Islamic Dua for Finding a Muslim Girl to Marry

Wait for circumstances to unfold in a way where things will align to make things happen for you. After that, it will only be a matter of time before you find the right for you.

Make namaaz a Mandatory Part of Your Life.

It is super crucial that you stay in constant communion with Allah Tallah. Without His support, things will become super tricky for you. Islamic Dua for Finding a Muslim Girl to Marry As long as you have faith in Him And yourself, then you can make the impossible happen.

Many success stories of Muslim brothers and sisters who have tried out wonderful dua and wazifa will attest to that kind of success.

Islamic duas for finding somebody to get married to

Therefore, undying faith is of the utmost importance. Perform namaaz at least three times a day. It is the perfect way to establish that faith and keep strengthening it as much as you can. 

Stay Positive

While you must find the right girl for marriage, what is even more important is that you enjoy life. Enjoying The nectar of life that has been given to you should be your first goal, and it should always remain a goal all through to the end. 

Your marriage is only going to be successful if you are habitual to stay happy all the time. Islamic Dua for Finding a Muslim Girl to Marry Positivity is the kind of force that can make the impossible happen.

Even the right girl will be attracted to you if you know how to stay positive and happy because your happiness will radiate like a blissful fruit that is so delicious that you can never get enough of it.