Wazifa For Loving Husband To Listen To Wife

After reaching marriageable age, you start thinking about what qualities you would like to have in your spouse. Every woman wants a husband who is a genuine person. She wants a partner who would be loving in nature, would care for her, and respect her. If you have decided to get married soon, you should try the wazifa for loving husband. This wazifa will help you get the best marriage proposals for you. The proposals you receive will be all from good families only. The meetings you will have with the prospects will help you find the best life partner for you.

After getting married, what does a woman want? She only wants her husband to love her the most. She wants him to respect her opinions and gives priority to her choices. But what if a woman gets married to someone exactly opposite of what she desired?

Are you married to a man who gives importance to everyone except you? To make your husband listen to only you, the wazifa for husband to listen to wife is the best solution.

Wazifa For Husband To Listen To Wife

The dua for an understanding husband is an Islamic dua to have an understanding husband. This dua makes your husband understand your point of views. He will start giving priority to only your choices.

There are people all around who find excuses to create misunderstandings between married couples. If you want your husband to stay away from these people, try the wazifa for the husband to listen only to his wife. With the regular practice of this dua your husband will also start avoiding all those people who instigate him against you.

A good marriage is kept healthy only with continuous communication. Is your husband not interested in your thoughts? Does he ignore everything you try to say to him? To make your husband actually listen to you, try the wazifa to make husband listen to you. This Islamic wazifa is the best way to make your husband consider your choices.

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You

The wazifa for understanding your husband will make your ignorant husband to consider your opinions as well. This dua will make them understand the importance of everything you say. This dua is also suggested by astrologer to the women who are about to get married. This helps them create a great understanding with their husband right from the beginning of their married life.

The right way to perform this wazifa for my husband is in the following steps:

  • This dua is to be performed daily at night.
  • Perform wuzu and settle down on your prayer mat.
  • Pray Tahajjud prayer every midnight for two Raqats.
  • Recite Durood Ibrahim for 11 times.
  • Ask Allah to bless you and your husband with a happy marriage.
  • While performing this dua, every woman should have pure intentions in her heart. If you are performing this wazifa with an evil intention, then Allah Taala will punish you.

For any more questions regarding this dua, you can easily contact our Maulvi.

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