Online Islamic istikhara for divorce

 It’s no wonder that marriage is a sacred institution and it should be treated as such. Online Islamic istikhara for divorce, However, sometimes a man and wife find themselves standing at the crossroads of life where they have to make a difficult decision in life. Life is not always rosy and you don’t always get things handed to you.

Sometimes you have to make some tough choices too. One of those questions that can keep you up at night is whether to continue with your troubled marriage where both parties are suffering or whether to step out of it by choosing to divorce as they say in Islamic by going for ‘talaq’. Are you unsure whether or not this is the path for you? Do you want to the guidance of Allah whether or not you should go for talaq? If yes, then recite this istikhara for 19 days straight.

How to perform Islamic istikhara for divorce guidance

To perform this istikhara you will need to recite 2 rakats an hour before going to bed.

The first rakat is Surah fatiha followed by recitation of Surah Al kairfun

The second rakat is about recite Surah al Ikhilas after Surah Fatiha.

Keep a glass of water in front of you and concentrate on it for 10 minutes while praying to Allah Tallah.

Ask him whatever questions you have about your divorce

Now drink that glass of water and go to bed without talking to anybody.

Wait for a dream or a sign in your dream hinting towards the correct answer.


What exactly is this istikhara

At the face of it, it may sound like this particular istikhara is meant to create differences among people or to cause someone to divorce their husband or wife. Online Islamic istikhara for divorce But, that’s not the case. Istikhara for marriage problems The goal behind performing it is to help make up your mind. Sometimes the duration leading up to a final decision can be tumultuous. 

It can be filled with confusion. People are unable to figure out whether they should stick around and wait for situations to improve or whether to go for divorce. In that case, this istikhara helps you by showing you lighting and telling you which decision is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Online Islamic istikhara for divorce

Sometimes two people are trying the best they can to save a marriage. But, for some unknown reason they more they try to invest themselves, the deeper they find themselves buried in the mess. Online Islamic istikhara for divorce Couples are often fighting all the time without any solid reason. 

This creates a constant tension among them as well as the families involved. istikhara for marriage separation If you sense your relationship has reached a point where nothing seems to be working out, then divorce might be the best option. Sometimes it’s best to not wait for things to turn around especially when you are not sure when it will happen if at all.

Seeking allah’s guidance for talaq

The way this istikhara works is through the powers of Allah Tallah. When a person is confused about taking a big decision in life, it is best to seek the advice of that almighty who knows what is best for you. Our hearts may want one thing but sometimes what we need is a completely different thing. We being humans are often unable to see that difference. Only that pure power knows how to make that distinction. By connecting with Allah Tallah, he will tell you whether or not talaq is the right decision for you or not.

What To Read To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam

 Marriage is one of the biggest and most important life decisions. To make your post-married life happier, you are required to attract the right proposals for yourself. In this blog, you will learn What To Read To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam.

Wazifa For A Quick Marriage Proposal

One of the biggest wishes in life is to get married to the kind of person who will help you grow as a person. Marriage is no joke. That’s why it goes without saying that you should give a lot of thought into who you decide to marry. So, What To Read To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam. We will help you out with this. First of all, It’s completely fine if you want to wish to get married to the right person after much thought. There’s nothing selfish about wishing for that special someone. 

That’s why some people often wonder what they should read in order to get the best marriage proposal. Well, in this post we will talk about the wazifa that you can perform for a month in order to attract the right kind of proposal. Someone who is worth spending your life with. We are going to tell you What To Read To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam. Without further discussions, let’s take a look at how to perform the Islamic wazifa that will help you attract the right marriage proposal.

Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam

Remember, anyone regardless of their age can perform this wazifa

Make sure you perform this dua after you are done offering the maghrib namaz. It’s suggested that you take a bath and create an ablution all over again

Place the rug now in a place that’s peaceful and where nobody will bother.

After performing the namaaz, sit on the namaz and start by reciting Ya Wadoodu

After this, recite YaAliyyu 1500 times

اس کے بعد ، یاالائیو 1500 بار پڑھیں

Do this consistently for 35 days and see the magic happen. Insha Allah you will start getting proposals from every which way and you will be able to connect to your soulmate. 

Who Can Perform This Wazifa?

Islamic dua in Islam for marriage proposal is intended for boys and girls to attract the right kind of partner. So, who & What To Read To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam. The answer is simple. Both boys & girls can read as said above. It’s designed to help ensure that you are able to enjoy wedded bliss throughout life.

Marriage is possibly the single most important decision of one’s life. Unfortunately, most of us go into this decision hastily without putting much thought. But, when you perform this Dua For Marriage Proposal, you connect yourself with that Almighty who then becomes your guide.

Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage

Dua for good marriage You instinctively form a sense of intuition that helps you discern whether or not a particular individual is good for you. When you come face to face with your soulmate, you’ll know it in your heart and soul that he/she is the right one. 

Dua to Receive A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam

Sometimes it’s also possible that you are already in a relationship. But the other person is not brave or willing enough to make that move where they talk to their parents about marriage. In this case also, this dua will work just as fine. You just need to maintain faith throughout the course of this dua.

Why Perform This Dua?

Everyone deserves love. And marriage is the foundation of love that fuels our lives. If this foundation is weak, the whole thing can come crumbling down.  Therefore, make sure to marry a person after much thought and careful consideration. To that end, this dua remains the single most powerful weapon in attracting the right people to spend your life with. So, this is the answer for Dua To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam

Dua For Good Rishta For Daughter

What To Remember?

It’s important to perform this Dua For Immediate Marriage Proposal regularly for the specified duration. Try not to skip even a single day. As otherwise, this dua won’t work effectively for you. Also, make sure to perform namaaz at least three times to make it more effective. When in doubt, you can always talk to our molvi Saab. He will tell you things to do and what to avoid when you are performing this particular Islamic wazifa.

Thousands & Lakhs of people have benefitted after consulting with our Molvi ji. Their struggles & hardships have ended. They have started their life with new beginnings. So, your life can also change constructively. Have complete faith in it. Perform the dua religiously & consistently. Rest all will be taken care of by Allah Tallah. Dua To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam

What To Read To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam

Sooner, you will start finding good proposals coming in your way. You will be blessed with a decent partner. Everything will get settled in. That’s the ultimate power of dua. Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to perform this dua regularly?

Answer: Yes, you are supposed to recite this dua on a consistent basis. So as to actually derive benefit from it. 

2. Do I need to read namaaz with this dua?

Answer: Yes, namaaz is read by everyone as it’s obliged to us. You should also read it for at least 3 times while performing this particular dua. It will make the dua very effective.

3. How much time does it take to make Dua To Recieve A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam work?

Answer: It depends on your sincerity & consistency. Stay true to your purpose. Have faith in Allah Tallah. This dua will start making wonders for you. 

4. In how much time, I will start to receive good proposals?

Answer: You will start receiving it in a short time. Just follow the dua consistency & have enough patience. 

5. How does this dua work?

Answer: Practicing this dua will send positive affirmations in the universe. The whole universe will start to resonate with you. You will soon get attracted to the right persons.

Most powerful dua for love back

 Like most things in life, we often don’t understand the value of true love until we have found it and then lost it. Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back Sometimes we don’t realize the beautiful relationships we are in while we have it. We fail to appreciate the other person for who they are and their personality. We tend to take everything for granted. But once we have separated do we realize how much we miss the other person. We suddenly crave for their quirks and their companionships. 

But, don’t worry. If you have lost the love of your life and are not craving for their love once again, then you can always rely on Islamic istikhara. This will help you get your lost love back effortlessly. Do you also want to bring that love back in your life? If yes, then perform this dua

Best Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back

How to perform Islamic istikhara that brings back lost love –

First of all, make sure you are performing namaaz at least three times a day

Make sure you begin this on a Thursday for powerful effects

Start with an ablution

Repeat “Ya Wadoodo” 500 times

Take a piece of white paper and fold it four times. 

Now write down the name of your love 7 times on the paper

Put it in a glass jar with a lid

While focusing on the jar pray to Allah Tallah to bring back that person in your life

Repeat “abar zimah korem parehi bleth zeitgeist wunder opeh salem zakeri” 600 time

Repeat this for 3 weeks and approach the person with a loveful heart. Dua for love to come back. This time you will sense a change in the forces around you. The person is bound to respond with love and respect. 

If you want someone back in your life and loves you like you, this Dua to Get Someone Back in Your Life Will helps you.

If you want someone to fall in love with you, you can read this Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You This dua will help you fall in love.

Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back

Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back can help you to get back your old love once again. This is an extremely useful method that can quickly restore your love. Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back, are well-known and are sometimes thought to enhance the true bond between the two couples. The two couples must have a heart connection, which is then utilized to identify issues. Allah Tala has chosen someone for you and he will defiantly gonna help you to get back to your old love.

Procedure to perform Istikhara For Lost Love Back

Repeat the following Dua 500 times per day.

“Allah Umma BariloAla;Muham-meedin waala Aali;Muhm _Madin Kamasallyta Ala;”

Repeat the following dua 21 times per day.

“Surah Furqaan Ayat 73, 74, and 77.

And Surah Tariqe Chap 86 on Arafat day.

Importance of love and Islamic istikhara for love back

Love is a powerful force. It often gives people a reason to enjoy and live life without which it can seem like you are just breathing through life, not really living it. That is why, if you want to win your love back, there’s nothing wrong with you. Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back You should pat yourself on the back for recognizing the value of true love. Powerful dua for lost love Once you have made up your mind that you want that lost love in your life, your next step should be to get in touch with the right molvi saab. Although many people claim to be an expert in this field, mostly it’s false marketing. 

This dua is meant for the pure heart who believes in the power of love and wants to spend a life full of love and passion. Therefore, you should not delay it anymore if you truly want to win back that someone special that you once lost. 

Powerful Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back

When you show faith in the unseen forces and in the powers of Allah Tallah you will see that impossible things can happen. Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back The people you never thought would come back in your life; suddenly start to connect with you. Faith is the power that can move mountains. Islamic istikhara is supposed to work on the principle of such love and faith. 

When you get in touch with a molvi saab, the first thing he will advise you is to maintain utter and unbreakable faith when going gets tough. That should be your first threshold to begin this istikhara. For further advice, get in touch with our molvi saab. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get lost love back in Islam?

You can get back your old love with the help of Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back. In most relationships, we don’t show our spouses the respect they deserve.

How do you get lost love back in Islam?

You can follow Islamic Istikhara For Lost Love Back. Also, you can contact maulana Ji to seek the best advice on how you can get back your old love and live a healthy life. You need to have faith in Allah he will defiantly going to help you out.

How can I get my lost love back after prayer?

In Islam, Allah is always there for you if truly believe in him. Also, you can get your old love back once again by using many remedies which are available in Islam.

Dua to increase love between husband and wife


The relationship between husband and wife is supposed to be the most precious one. Islamic Istikhara For Husband Wife Relationship, After all, these two people are supposed to spend the rest of their lives together. Dua to bring a husband and wife closer Couples spend more time together they do without their parents. Obviously, this relationship needs protection and a lot of work. Do not think that just because two people are married, the work is over.

You need to stay on your toes and make sure to stay invested in that relationship to keep it safe and sound from the harms that lurk around. Like a baby, marriage and this relationship also need care and nurture. Failing to provide that care can sometimes result in a relationship that seems to have gone sour.

Are you a married person who wants to strengthen their relationship of marriage? Do you want to make your husband-wife relationship stronger than ever? If yes, then read this dua.

Islamic Istikhara For Husband Wife Relationship

How to perform istikhara for better husband-wife relations?

First of all, make sure to grab one piece of cloth from each person.

Now place it in front of you along with two glasses of water

Both need to sit in prayer and remember Allah Tallah

First of all, thank him for his blessings. Now request him to show mercy and make sure to strengthen your relationship

Perform namaaz together followed by first five verses of Surah

Towards the end, both need to drink glasses of water in the memory of Allah Tallah

Do this for two weeks and see the magic happen

When to perform this dua

Sometimes a husband and wife often find themselves fighting all the time. The reason can seem unclear at times. Sometimes the fights are silly. But, if the frequency of fights continues to increase, then it’s always a bad sign.

Something needs to be done in such a case. Islamic Istikhara For Husband Wife Relationship If either the husband or the wife feels that their relationship is going south, then they should and need to perform this Islamic dua and istikhara. It shows that the person is invested in the relationship and that they want to save their marriage from falling apart.

Sometimes, the relationship has been sore for a long time. Dua for husband and wife to get back together It is all the more reason that you need to get on your feet and get started about how to fix a damaged relationship. Whenever you sense that something is not right, that is basically the call that it’s time to perform Islamic istikhara to save your marriage from going south.

The relationship between husband and wife needs investment. By connecting with that almighty Allah Tallah, you are investing in your relationship.

When to contact our molvi Saab

Know that many people claim to be the best in this business. Islamic Istikhara For Husband Wife Relationship But, do not just pick anyone that claims to be the finest.  When you get in touch with our molvi Saab, he will begin by asking questions about your background and what problems you are facing right now.

Other than offering the solution to your current problem, you might even guide you in a direction that may be a solution to all the other problems in your life. 

It is always best to heed the finest advice that comes from an experienced mind. That is exactly what you will get by getting in touch with us. Do not shy away from seeking the help of Allah Tallah in the form of powerful Islamic wazifa, dua, and istikhara. 

Shadi ke liye wazifa in islam

 Hamari zindagi ki jadatar faisale hmare abu or ammi lete hai. Pasand Ki Shadi Ke Liye Wazifa Lekin kuch faisle zindagi main ase hote hai . Jo ki shayad insaan ko khud hi lene chahiye. Shadi ya nikah bhi ek asa behad jaruri faisla hai. Achi baat ye hai ki jab apko koi insaan mil jata hai jiske saath ap zindagi bitana chahte hai, to aap apne maa or baap ko us rishte ke liye mana sakte hai.

Bahut bar do log ek dusre se mohabbat to bahut karte hai . Ek dusre se nikaah bhi karna chahte hai. Lekin asa hota hai ki ladka ya ladki ke maap baap rishte ke liye han nahi karte. Kya ap bhi is tarah ki pareshani se gujar rahe hai? Kya aap apni pasand or marji ki jagah shadi karna chahte hai? Agar han to ap is islamic wazifa ko amal main laye .

Pasand Ki Shadi Ke Liye Wazifa

Ye wazifa kaise kare?

Ap is wazifa ko kisi bhi roj shuru kar sakate hai

Sabse pehle aap magrib ki namaaz ada kare.

Iske baat rakat nafil ada kijiye.

Apke rishte main jo bhi rukaawat arahi hai use door karne ke liye ap durood e shareef padhe 

is ke baad, duroo ibrahim ko 5 martaba padhe

Iske baar 300, 700, ya 1100 martabaa “Ya illaha Illahaha” padhe

Aakhi main 5 martaba durood ibrahim padhe

Agar ap apni pasan ki jagah shahi karna chahte hai or chahte hai ki apko dikkat na aaye.  To yaad rakhe ki roj namaaz kam kam se 3 martaba har roj kare. Allah Miyan par bharosa rakhe ki wo apki guhaar sunege or jaha ap nikaah karna chahte ha waha nikah ho kar ahega.

Shadi ke liye dua or wazifa

Is wazifa ka istemaal karne se pehle yaad rakhe ki apki niyat sahi hone chahiye. Pasand Ki Shadi Ke Liye Wazifa Ap jaha shadi ya nikaah karna chahte hai uska karan pyaar hone chahiye. Agar apki niyat main kisi tarah ka khot hai. To ye wazifa or dua kaamyaab nahi hoge. Shadi ka rishtaa ek paak rishta hai. Isliye apki niyat bhi paak hone chahiye. Pasand ki shadi ka istikhara Apka mann main us insaan ke saath zindagi bhar rishta nibhane ki niyat honi chahiye.

Allah Tallah sirf paak niyat walo ki sunta hai. Jab ap hmare molvi saab ji se baat karege to wo apko smjhayege ki wazifa or dua ko karne ka sahi tareeka kya hota hai. Isse apki har dua or mannat jaldi or behatar tareeke se bina rukawat ke puri hogi. Isliye chinta mat kare. Apki har mannat Allah Tallah sunega or puri karega.

Pasand Ki Shadi Ke Liye Wazifa

Bahut baar jise ap pasand karte hai wo insaan apko pasand nahi karta. Ya kisi wajah se shadi or nikaah ke liye mana kar deta hai. Ho sakta hai ki us insaan ki koi dikkat ho. Fikr mat kare. Pasand Ki Shadi Ke Liye Wazifa Is dua or wazifa ko karne k baad, apke raaste ki sabi rakaawt door ho jaegi.

Jo insaan apko pehle shadi ke liye manaa kar raha tha. Wo apki taraf khicha chala ayega. Shadi ki dua in quran Agar apke waldein bhi apki pasand se nakhush the, to ap dekhege ki dua ki kuch hi dino main, unka mizaaj badlane lagega. Wo apki baat par gaur famayege. Or ap jaha bhi shadi karna chahte hai uske liye raaji ho jaege.

Molvi ji se apne saawaal puche

Agar kisi wajah se apki dua asar nahi dikha rahi hai, to fikar mat kare. Ap hmare molvi saabji se baat kare or unhe sari baat bataye. 

Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage

 Islamic has a solution for everything, including love related issues. Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage You can implement some powerful wazifas to make sure you get married to your soul mate. Bismillah wazifa for marriage But, if you cannot wait too long and need something powerful and super effective so that you can get hitched without any delay, then you need something much more potent. In your case, Bismillah Wazifa should be the way to go. This is basically an intensified version of regular dua. Do you want to get married quickly to someone you love? If yes, then read this post till the end.

Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage

The way to perform this wazifa is to essentially pray Bismillah 2000 times and 6 times consecutively.

Make sure to take a breather after you are done reciting it 2000 times.

During this break, you are supposed to pray 2 rakat nafal.

In total, you are supposed to pray Bismillah 12000 times

Since it’s going to take longer to complete, it’s much more effective, powerful, and intensive than any other dua or wazifa.

Powerul Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage

All our desires are encapsulated by our hearts. It secretly guards them but there are some intense desires that knock on the heart’s door daily and in every moment. It is indeed a special desire for someone special for whom we feel that our heart has got lost.

We all have that one person in our lives with whom we can walk for miles without any pain, with whom we can share all of our emotions without any hesitations. But, unfortunately, all our wishes aren’t easily fulfilled but are stuck by various negative forces. In this scenario, we should pray for the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage.

It is not always necessary that the person whom we love the most is additionally loved and accepted by both of our families and relatives. In spite of being this, most of the time we are hanged in between a painful situation where we choose anyone and lose the other.

Our family is our eternal shield and our parents are the noble person who has sacrificed themselves to lift us at the position where we are and love us unconditionally. Hence the selection between parents and the lover isn’t an option.

If you want intensely to get rid of such a painful situation, then definitely you should pray for the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage.

Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage

If you want to get the desired solution by praying the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage with all the purity of your heart, then definitely you should follow all the precautions at the time of reciting it –

Always remember that Wazifa is not something that can be praying for seeking the solutions for the whole of mankind as this is not included in the words of the Prophet. So you should enchant the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage only to get the solution of your problems related to love marriage.

You should always pray this Wazifa only after getting permission from the Molvi Ji

You should recite each and every word clearly with proper pronunciation by following all the steps properly by your heart.

If you pray for the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage then definitely you will get the solution to your problems related to marriage with your dear one.

What to remember?

You need to perform this dua consistently for 3 days at the very least. Make sure to not skip even a day. Therefore, plan it accordingly so you don’t put any break. Also, make sure to perform this wazifa with your wholeheartedly. Do not do it just for the sake of doing it. Your intentions should be pure and your motives should be clear.

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When to perform this wazifa

This wazifa is meant for times when you are running out of time. If you fear that your loved one is getting hitched somewhere else and you can no longer afford to wait it out, that’s when you should talk to a molvi saab about performing Bismillah Wazifa. Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage The idea is to perform something so powerful and effective, that you remove the obstacles quickly that may be standing in the way of you and your soul mate.

It would work by preventing those hurdles. Wazifa for love marriage from quran If your parents don’t agree with your choice of life partner or if your partner’s parents don’t agree, you will soon notice a change in their behavior. They will spot opposing you and will want to talk to you more.

Powerful wazifa for love marriage

Love is everyone’s right. Therefore, if you have found it, it should not let it go easily. It’s hard to find the right person. There is nothing wrong with seeking the help of dua and wazifa to get what you want. There is nothing selfish about spending quality life with the one who deserves to be with you. You should only marry that person who is your soul mate and who understands you. Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage That is what Bismillah wazifa is all about.

It is meant to connect two loved ones so they can share and build a meaningful life for each other. One wrong move on the part of marriage can lead to disastrous results. dua for love marriage Therefore, you should not worry or think twice before performing bismillah wazifa if you sense that time is running out of your hands.

Got any questions?

If you are still feeling doubtful or unsure about how to perform this dua, then you need to get in touch with us. We will connect you to an experienced molvi saab who will provide you top-notch guidance.

Dua Wazifa to Make Enemy Sick or Suffer

 Revenge is something that is frowned upon. It is definitely not something that most people approve of. Dua Wazifa to Make Enemy Sick or Suffer Surely, even you must be thinking why someone would write a post about trying to make someone sick or make them suffer.

 The thing is, there are some people who can get jealous of other people’s success, beauty and happy relationship. Their jealousy often gets the better of them. They are driven so mad by their desire to hurt others, that they are not afraid to use dark forces and means like black magic to hurt other people. Surely you want to keep you and your loved ones protected.

 Therefore, upon detecting that someone may be trying to hurt you, you need to do the needful. This post talks about how you can use Islamic wazifa to make those wrongdoers suffer. They will suffer in some way and they will back off. strong wazifa to destroy enemy They will leave you alone. Do you want to know how to do that? If yes, read this blog till the end.

Dua Wazifa to Make Enemy Sick or Suffer

Be sure to perform this dua before going to bed. 

One hour before hitting the bed, start by reciting ‘Ya Wadoodo” 500 times

Grab a piece of paper and write your enemies name on it. Fold it three times and then pray to Allah Tallah to offer you protection

Recite Surah verse 165.

Follow this by reciting ‘Ya illaha Illallah” 300 times

Burn that piece  of paper in fire

Do not talk to anyone and go to bed silently

Do this for two weeks straight.

What can an enemy be capable of?

One should never underestimate the power of negative intentions. If someone is hell-bent on destroying your life, do not ignore it. Use of black magic can wreak havoc on people’s lives. Therefore, you should not take such things lightly. Dua Wazifa to Make Enemy Sick or Suffer Some people try to go gentle on their enemies. But, despite all efforts, those enemies don’t back off. That’s why at times it can get essential to make them suffer enough just to get them off your back.

 If you are negligent and careless, your enemies through the power of black magic can cause you great loss. That loss can come in a variety of forms. For example, it can be some family members who suddenly fell gravely sick. It can also manifest in the form of career setbacks or major financial losses. It can also come in the form of a bad relationship. If you think your family members are always fighting, black magic could also be blamed partially for that. The only way to be sure if you are a victim of black magic is to get in touch with an experienced molvi saab ji.

Black magic and casting a spell of protection from it

Dua and wazifas are essentially powerful tools that are supposed to cast a spell of protection. It will keep you protected from bad vibes and energies. That is why you won’t succumb to it. In the absence of a strong powerful protection, you are vulnerable to all kinds of problems in life especially if you are a target of black magic.dua to make someone suffer Not just you, your family and kids can also get victimized by black magic doers. Dua Wazifa to Make Enemy Sick or Suffer

Therefore, if you sense any sign that might be indicative of an impending doom, do not take these signs lightly. Pick up the phone and get in touch with. Our molvi sab ji will analyze all the telltale signs and explain to you the nature of black magic forces that might be at play at a certain time. Accordingly, he may offer you to wear a protecting amulet or taweez so you don’t fall prey to any vulnerabilities.

Wazifa for visa appeal

 Everyone desires to be successful and have a well paying career. Wazifa For Visa Success We know that going abroad and working high-end jobs is an excellent way to provide for your family. Best dua for visa approval However, the process of getting your visa approved is a lengthy one and not all people are able to stick it out that long. It can take months before you hear the good news that your application for visa has been approved.

Unfortunately, at times despite all the things in your favor, your visa seems to get rejected every single time. If you can relate to that situation, then don’t worry. With the help of this islamic wazifa – the next time you apply for a visa, it will surely get approved. Do you want to know how to perform this wazifa? Keep reading –

Wazifa to get your visa application approved

First of all, you should stop panicking and worrying about getting rejected

Now start by reciting the noble Quran Surah #106, Surah Quraish

Recite Bismillah Shareef followed by the reciting of the Durood shareef

Once again recite Surah Quraish 7 times

While sitting in the position of prayer, pray to Allah Tallah to help you with your process and seek his help for success in life

Do this every day for 8 days

The recipe for success

The visa application is quite a technical and lengthy process. More often than not, we are stuck with the technical stuff, that we fail to look beyond the physical. You have to know that success in life doesn’t come only with hard work and logic. Wazifa For Visa Success You also need equal parts luck and Allah Tallah’s blessings on your side to mark an endeavor a truly successful.

This islamic wazifa and dua might turn out to be that missing piece of the puzzle because of which your application does not seem to be getting approved despite everything else going exactly how you wanted to. Dua for getting visa fast By performing this wazifa, you unlock abundance and the forces of the universe come together to make the impossible possible for you.

Wazifa For Visa Success

You have to have complete faith. Without faith, even prayers don’t work. If you have complete faith that Allah Miyan is always standing by your side, then even the most challenging and impossible looking tasks become a piece of cake. Wazifa For Visa Success Before you even realize, everything will start to align in your favor. Next thing you know, the good news will knock your doors.

Know that everyone deserves success. If your idea of success is to work with a big company on foreign land, then you should be proud of your choice. There is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve what your dreams are. By turning to Islam, you can make all your desires come true. But make sure that you have complete faith in whatever dua or wazifa that you perform.

Talk to our molvi saab ji

If despite all your efforts, your visa is not a success, you need to have a word with our molvi saab ji. Perhaps there’s some kind of energy blockage that is keeping the luck out of your life. By speaking to our molvi saab and following his advice, you will be able to unlock the doors to abundance and luck and all your pending tasks will continue to be a big hit.

Ruqyah for child protection

 Did you know that not just you but your household also needs protection? Ruqyah For House Protection That’s right! Most people don’t stress enough over the importance of protecting your house from unseen forces. But, who should you protect it from? Well, sometimes jinns aka shaytan can leave a bad and negative influence on the tranquility and peace of the household. ruqyah for house cleansing Do you want to know what can be the results of a Jinns occupying your household and how they can disturb peace and harmony?

If yes, keep reading and you will also learn how to cast a spell of protection all around your household using ruqyah.

Ruqyah For House Protection

The method for protecting your house is called ‘calling the azaan’ followed by Ruqyah water. Sensations of cold limbs, pins and needles, and your children crying out of pain are possible signs of a jinn trying to possess them.

Remember, you can also practice this azaan method even if you are living in a leased home. 

Start by closing the doors of your bedroom and practice saying ‘Bismillah’.

Open the windows a little (around 15cm). And call out the azaan. Make sure your voice is medium to loud. Do not call it out quietly. Make sure you’re not just saying the words but actually feeling them. It should come out with complete sincerity. 

As soon as you are done calling the azan, instantly close the windows and immediately say ‘bismillah’.

Finish this by reading the last verse of Surah al Baqarah

For good measure, you can spray two or three squirts of ruqya water. Make sure to sprinkle it in every corner of every single room to keep the shaytan away.

How do jinns work?

External evil forces like Jinn tend to manifest themselves in myriad forms. Ruqyah For House Protection They can act out through your wife or children. The first sign of a jinn manifestation or something evil lurking around the house is that your children’s actions will be annoying. They will start disobeying you. They might react harshly. Sometimes trying to discipline them can bring out the worst in you which can scare other family members.

Other signs of evil manifestation can be children have nightmares night after night and waking up scared in the middle of their sleep. ruqyah for an evil eye The whole thing can feel downright sinister. You can practically feel the presence of something evil in your house.

Why you should be mindful about protecting your house

As we mentioned earlier. Ruqyah For House Protection If you are not careful enough and on the lookout for all these signs and symptoms. ruqyah dua Evil forces can take a toll on your happiness and family’s well being. Your relationships can go sour if you are not careful enough. It’s almost like keeping your doors open and inviting the burglars who are ready to take all your life’s savings and material possessions. Jinns and evil forces work the same way. They work by robbing your family off of their mental well being and health.

Ruqyah For House Protection

Perhaps reading this will convince you just how crucial it is to protect your house from unseen and evil forces. ruqyah for child protection By casting a spell of protection you are taking preventive measures so nothing can penetrate that seal of protection around you and your family will remain protected from the darkness of it all.

Talk to our molvi saab for more aid

When in doubt, you can always talk to our molvi ji for advise.

Ayatul kursi in hindi


Al Baqarah ki Ayah number 255 hai. Benefits of Ayatul kursi Mohammad ne kaha tha ki Ayah Quan ki Ayatul Quran ki sabse khaas Ayah hai. Quran ke 4 hisse hai. Unme se ek hissa hai Ayatul Kursi jo ki Allah ke Arsh se judi hai. Spiritual benefits of ayatul kursi Hazarat Ali ne kaha tha ki Ayatul Kursi Quran kareem ki sbse unchi kursi hai.

Mohammad ne kaha tha ki jo koi iinsaan Surah e Baqarahki pehli ayah ka amal kara hai or bad main Ayatul kursi or fir Surah e baqarah ki aakhiri 3 ayah ko roj padhta hai use dunia main kisi bhi tarah ki mushkil ka saamna nahi karna padta hai. Kisi bhi tarah ka jinn ya shaitan use tang nahi karega. Or asa insaan kabhi Quran ko nahi bhulta. 

Ayatul Kursi ka hindi main matlab

Khuda hi wo jaate paak hai. Or uske siway koi maabud nahi (wah) zindagi hai (aur) sari kaaynaat ko sambhalne wali wahi hai. Usko na to koi ungh hai or na hi koi nind. Jo kuch bhi aasman main hai or jo kuch bhi jameen pe hai, usi ka hai. 

Benefits of Ayatul kursi

Kaun asa hai jo ki uski izzaza ke bigar kisi ki usse sifarish kare. Benefits of Ayatul kursi Jo kuch unke paas hai or jo kuch unke peeche ho chuka hai, wo khuda sab kuch jaanta hai.Log use ilam main se kisi par hi ahaata nahi kar sakte.

 Magar wo jitna chahe sikha de, usi kursi sabhi zameen or asmaan ko ghere huye hai. Wo zameen aur aasman ka negah dasht hai. Us par kisi bhi tarah ki mushkil nahi hai or wo ek aalishaan buzug ke martabaa hai.


Ayatul Kursi ke Fayde

Ayat ul kursi Quran ki ek behad khaas ayat hai. Lekin iske kya fayda hai or islam main kyu iski itni tareek ki gai hai? Agar ap roj ayat ul kursi ko padhte hai to apko bahut sare fayde hoge, jaise ki 

Ayat ul kursi ko padhne se insaan har waqt Allah Miyan se juda rehta hai. Asa hone se kisi bhi tarah ka zinn ya shaitaan us par ya uske pariwar par haawi nahi ho skata. 

Agar apki ya apke bache ki yadasht kamjor hai . To apko roj ayatuk ki kursi ko sache dil se padhna chahiye. Benefits of Ayatul kursi  Ise padhne se kuch hi dino ke andar apki yadasht tej hone lagegi. Ayatul kursi benefits in urdu Agar apke parivar ka koi insaan gujar chuka hai, to ap uski yaad main ye kursi padhe. Asa karne se us insaan ki aatma ko shanti hasil hogi.

Bahut baar zindagi main koi na koi daar bana rehta hai. Jaane anjane koi na koi musibat ayi rehti hai. Agar ap bhi kisi wajah se apni zindagi darr main ji rahe ho. To ayat ul kuris ko padhne se apko himmat milega or apke andar ka darr khud bhi khud gayab ho jayega. Allah Pak apko zindagi ki har mushkil se ladne ki himmat dega. Or pahad jaisi dikkate bhi apko bahut choti dikhne lagegi.

Isse padhen se Allah Tallah ki rehmat hasil hoti hai. how to learn atul kursi Allah Pak hamesha apke sath rhege or apko har mushkil se mehfoose rakhege.

Ayatul kursi ko karne ka sahi tareeka janne ke liye ap hamare molvi ji se kisi bhi waqt baat kar sakte hai.Agar apko or koi pareshani ka solution chahiye to bhi ap hamse contact kar skte hai.