Dua Wazifa to Make Enemy Sick or Suffer

Dua Wazifa to Make Enemy Sick or Suffer

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 Revenge is something that is frowned upon. It is definitely not something that most people approve of. Dua Wazifa to Make Enemy Sick or Suffer Surely, even you must be thinking why someone would write a post about trying to make someone sick or make them suffer.

 The thing is, there are some people who can get jealous of other people’s success, beauty and happy relationship. Their jealousy often gets the better of them. They are driven so mad by their desire to hurt others, that they are not afraid to use dark forces and means like black magic to hurt other people. Surely you want to keep you and your loved ones protected.

 Therefore, upon detecting that someone may be trying to hurt you, you need to do the needful. This post talks about how you can use Islamic wazifa to make those wrongdoers suffer. They will suffer in…

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