Online Islamic istikhara for divorce

Online Islamic istikhara for divorce

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 It’s no wonder that marriage is a sacred institution and it should be treated as such. Online Islamic istikhara for divorce, However, sometimes a man and wife find themselves standing at the crossroads of life where they have to make a difficult decision in life. Life is not always rosy and you don’t always get things handed to you.

Sometimes you have to make some tough choices too. One of those questions that can keep you up at night is whether to continue with your troubled marriage where both parties are suffering or whether to step out of it by choosing to divorce as they say in Islamic by going for ‘talaq’. Are you unsure whether or not this is the path for you? Do you want to the guidance of Allah whether or not you should go for talaq? If yes, then recite this istikhara for 19 days straight.

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