Dua to convince parents for love marriage

One of the biggest challenges in life is that of finding true love. What sometimes can be even more challenging is to fight the obstacles that often stand in the way of you and your soul mate. How to convince parents for love marriage Sometimes, you are able to find that special someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. But, often some people – especially your own parents tend to be unhappy with your choice. These kinds of disagreements are common especially in the cases of love marriage.

While some people don’t have the strength to face the opposition of their parents others don’t give up. It takes courage to stand for your truth and what you believe in. surah to convince parents for love marriage Are you having a hard time convincing your parents for your love marriage? Then this dua is for you –

How to convince parents for love marriage

  • Create an ablution
  • Sit in the posture of prayer in a preferably quite and clean place
  • Now chant “Ya Allah” 300 times
  • Now take a verse from Surah and say it at least five times
  • Now recite “Allah surah ruhani omar zal matey savoy” 300 times
  • Once again repeat Surah verse.
  • Repeat this process for at least a month
  • Once a month is over, you need to once again approach your parents with why your choice of love marriage is for everyone’s best interest.

How does this dua work?

Basically, regular performing of this dua will give you the strength and courage you need to speak your truth. How to convince parents for love marriage You will be able to speak your thoughts out clearly and tell your parents why your choice is the right choice. Instead of caving in and giving up, you will gather courage which is often much-needed in these cases. wazifa to convince parents for love marriage islamic It will also work by instilling a sense of positivity and open mindedness of your parents. Often we are not able to see things past a certain way. This is often what happens with cases of love marriage where parents don’t agree with your choice.

This dua will change their mindset and attitude. And, you will see them becoming more positive and optimistic towards what you have to say.

How to convince parents for love marriage

If you are feeling desperate and hopeless because despite your best efforts you parents won’t listen to you, then this blog is for. How to convince parents for love marriage You should not delay it anymore before resorting to using Islamic dua and wazifa for convince your parents. prayers to convince parents for love marriage After all, everyone deserves happiness and true love in life. Simply because your parents can’t see that right now, doesn’t mean you should give up on your efforts.

dua to convince his parents for love marriage

Things to remember It’s super crucial that you have faith in the power of dua. If you perform a dua half-heartedly or with a skeptic mind, know that it might take longer for dua to work.How to convince parents for love marriage When your faith is undead, it can work wonders in turning things around. wazifa for love marriage to agree parents in hindi You will be surprised, how things can begin to change sooner than you might have expected.

surah for love marriage

Talk to our molvi saab If you have never performed a dua before in your life, it’s normal to feel a little confused or even nervous. At times, even lack of believe in dua is also normal. dua to convince his parents for love marriage But, once you talk to our molvi saab, he will comfort you. He will also guide you.

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