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Love is a very elegant, extraordinary and influential Feeling. Whenever we fall in love we find everything that surrounds us is very beautiful. Nature gives different vibes everything runs very smoothly around hers. But whenever our mind encounters the thought that our beloved one will leave us one day all of our bodies become restless. And life without love is nothing. Love is like devotion and people dies for their true love and make each kind of possible sacrifice. For love, there is no limit no boundaries.

Time and distance will never be able to separate two love birds but misunderstanding miscommunication and disrespectful nature will surely break your relationship. It’s very necessary to maintain a healthy relationship and for that, a well mannered and sensitive people should be involved in your relationship. If you want your love always to be with you, you must take help and practice om damodaraya vidma, powerful and effective mantra for getting ex-love back.

Mantra To Get Ex Love Back in your life


Follow these step to doing this Mantra

  1. Take bath and waer new / fresh clothing.
  2. Take A Photo Of Lord Shiva.
  3. Then Go To A Lord Shiva Temple And Recite This Mantra 10000 Times In 11 Days.
  4. And After Than you can Recite This Mantra 108 Times Daily.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. we will solve your problem.

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Krishna Gayatri mantra for love

Lord Krishna is believed to be God of love. Practicing regularly mantra to get back lost love and lover will bring happiness in your life very soon. This mantra is very powerful and easy to adapt to get lost love back in London for permanent. Vashikaran mantra for girlfriend is being practiced by many. Under results are not less than any miracle. Along with this mantra, Hindu prayers are also being practiced regularly to get the lost love back into life.

krishna mantra for love back

You can chant ‘NAMOH BHGWATE SHRI GOVINDA’ for 108 times.

vashikaran mantra to get ex love back:

In the world of astrology, vashikaran spells are the most powerful and you can use it when you say I want my ex-love back. Once you are going to use vashikaran services with a professional astrologer, you can use these spells on your love. When you are going to use vashikaran spells on your love, you do not have to worry about the problem of how to win your ex-love back.

With the use of these powerful spells, you can also know how to make your ex-love miss you. With the vashikaran spells, it will be possible for you to control the mind of your love so that she can love you again. After that, you do not have to worry about such kind of trouble again in your life and you can prevent the problems of your relationship forever. Therefore, you should understand the power of vashikaran spells and should go for these services to get your ex-love back.

Vashikaran mantra For lost love back

||Om Namooh Aadi Rupay (Beloved name)
Akarshanam Kuru Kuru Swaha||

ॐ नमः आदि रूपए (बॉयफ्रेंड नाम)
आकर्षणं कुरु स्वः ||

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Get your Ex Love Back Who Lost Feelings For You

Getting your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend back in your life couldn’t be easy because you need to do a lot of things and first of all make clear all the disputes with him or her on which you are fighting for last time. But you can’t get him back in your life after doing all these things then you can pay some attention to get astrology services and we help you to get your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend back in your life soon and you can spend the lovely moments of your life with your boyfriend whom you love and want to marry him or her.

Try to convince

The foremost thing you need to do whenever you should want to recognize how to get your ex back when he has moved on and seriously The Astrologer Vashikaran mantra would help you to get him back and first of all you need to make the breakup of your ex from another girl whom she is dating. So you can get him back in your life without facing so many troubles and if you should want to get your ex back in your life then you could and still pay some attention to get him back easily and really you can spend the beautiful moments with your love.

Do things which he/she liked

Do things which he/she liked If you should want to understand how to get your ex-boyfriend back fast then you need to do things which he likes most and really you need to make some changes in your lifestyle with your boyfriend wants and this is one of the impressive ways to get your ex-boyfriend back in your life. You can get him back soon but you can’t get the desired results from it then you will pay someone tension to Astrology services and you can get these services from us and Love Astrologer Pandit Ji Would help you to get your ex back in your life as soon as possible and still you don’t need to be worried if you don’t want to impress him for still want him back in your life faster.

Hindu mantra to get lost love back

|| Om namoh kat vikat ghor vashyami swaha ||

If you want to know to how to use this mantra so discuss with baba ji on call and get guidelines.

Here are sοme free magic spells fοr lοve that wοrk amazingly:

  • Vοοdοο Lοve Binding Spell: This is an effective free love spell to get ex-boyfriend back that if cast cοrrectly, will ensure that yοur target will never leave yοu and it’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Chοcοlate Spell Fοr Attractiοn And Lοve : In οrder tο get the attentiοn οf sοmeοne that yοu lοve at wοrk οr schοοl, this chοcοlate spell wοrks very fast.
  • Lοve Spell Fοr Reuniting WithYοur Ex: If yοu want to reunite with yοur ex, this lοve spell is very effective in bringing back yοur ex.
  • Attractiοn And Lοve Spell: This attractiοn and Come Back To Me love spell will bοοst the sexual attractiοn between yοu and sοmeοne that yοu desire.
  • Spell Tο Make Him/Her Cοmmit Tο Yοu Fοrever: If yοu are interested in making him/her cοmmit tο yοu, this is the spell fοryοu.
  • Lοve Prοtectiοn Spell: This lοve prοtectiοn spell will prοtect yοur heart frοm being brοken and alsο prevent any third party interference.
  • African Vοοdοο Dοlls Lοve Binding Spell: This vοοdοο dοlls lοve binding spell is designed tο bind yοur lοver tο yοu fοrever.
  • Lοve Binding Spell With Phοtοs: In οrder, tο make sοmeοne lοve yοu deeply, this lοve binding spell with phοtοs will help yοu a lοt.
  • Lοve Attractiοn Spell That Really Wοrks: If yοur lοver is rejecting yοur prοpοsals and yοu want him/her tο see hοw much yοu are interested in him/her, use this lοve attractiοn spell.
  • Lοve Binding Spell That Wοrks: This lοve binding spell is 100% effective and will ensure that yοu get a loving relationship.
  • Spell Tο Get Yοur Ex Back Fοrever: If yοur ex-bοyfriend οr ex-girlfriend left yοu a few days/weeks/mοnths agο, this lοve spell will get him/her back.
  • Lοve Binding Spell Using Hair: If yοu are nοt getting the lοve that yοu desire, this lοve binding spell using hair will sοlve yοur prοblems.
  • Attractiοn Lοve Spell Fοr New Lοvers : Want tο have sοmeοne attracted tοwards yοu deeply? This attractiοn lοve spell fοr new lοvers is perfect fοryοu.
  • Lοve Attractiοn Spell : This pοwerful lοve attractiοn spell is designed tο attract sοmeοne tοwards yοu and make him/her develοp strοng feelings fοryοu.
  • Lοve Binding Spell Fοr Marriages: If yοu want sοmeοne to marry yοu, this lοve binding spell fοr marriages will help yοu achieve yοur gοal.
  • Simple Lοve Binding Spell: This simple lοve binding spell is perfect if yοu are in a hurry tο get yοur ex back οr get sοmeοne tο lοve yοu.
  • Lοve Binding Spell Using Pictures: Are yοu in a hurry tο bind yοur lοver tο yοu? This lοve binding spell using pictures will help yοu achieve yοur gοal fast.
  • Sangοma Lοve Spells That Wοrk Fast Fοr Lοve: If yοu need quick results, use this sangοma lοve spells that wοrk fast fοr lοve and achieve yοur gοals fast.
  • Spell Tο Make Sοmeοne Lοve Yοu Fοrever : Want tο make sοmeοne lοve yοu the way yοu desire? This spell will help yοu.
  • Attractiοn And Lοve Spell With A Picture: If yοu dοn’t have a picture οf the persοn that yοu want, this attractiοn and lοve spell with a picture is perfect fοryοu.
  • Lοve Attractiοn Spell With A Picture: If yοu need to attract sοmeοne right away, try this lοve attractiοn spell with a picture.
  • Lοve Binding Spells That Wοrk Instantly Fοr Lοve: Want tο bind yοur lοver tο yοu? This lοve binding spells that wοrk instantly fοr lοve will help yοu.
  • African American Vοοdοο Dοlls Lοve Binding Spell: If yοu are lοοking fοr a lοve binding spell that will ensure that yοur lοver stays with yοu until the end οf time, this vοοdοο dοlls lοve binding spell is perfect.
  • Lοve Attractiοn Mantra Fοr Lοve : Want tο attract sοmeοne tοwards yοu? Chant this lοve attractiοn mantra fοr lοve and make sοmeοne attracted tοwards yοu in nο time at all.


Om Namoh Bhagvate Rudraye Sarv Jaganmohan Kuru Kuru Swaha!!

Mantra to win husband Love who left you


  • Once your husband is away for work.
  • take the clothes of your husband which he would wear the next day and keep it in front of you.
  • Energize the clothes by chanting this mantra 108 times.
  • Continue this practice regularly for 11 days ensuring that your husband wears the clothes you charged everyday.

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How Can I Bring My Ex Lover Back

Understand the problems in your relationship

First of all, it is essential for you to understand the issues and problems in your relationship and planning things can help you to bring the person back in your life. The problems and issues can crop again if you do not understand them and not make the right decision. It is essential for you to bring positive changes in your life and make your lover feel that you will change and become a nice and good person. It is really important to make sure that you really want to bring your ex back in your life because you love him.

Letting go and moving on

It sounds very strange but it is when you need to let go the person you want to get back in your life. give your ex some time and space to think and overcome from the feeling. You should not just expect from your lover to come back, rather than shower him/her with care and love. It is essential for you to do not make contact with your ex for some time and let him/her take some time to understand all things that whether he/she want to be in the relations again or not.

Focus on yourself

Rather than grieving all the time, it is better for you to focus on yourself. It is essential for you to stay cool and go out with family and friends and enjoy your life so that you do not get stressed and depressed due to breakup. An expert can also help you to know how to get your ex back when he has moved on.

Express your feeling

In order to be able to get your ex back in your life, you need to restore your inner balance in an effective manner. Let you feel free from all the pain and frustration that you have in your mind and start a new beginning of your life.

How can you make your ex want you back?

Are you a person who thinks that your partner is loyal to you? Whenever you want to know whether your partner is loyal or not need to get a consultation from a specialist astrologer. If you have any doubt related to your partner then you should consult with an expert astrologer who will be able to give you are detailed prediction with the help of Palm reading about your love life. These days you have to get the separation from your part of the cause of distrust and misunderstanding also.So when you want to know how I can get my ex back after sometime you have to discuss it with relevant astrology.

Vashikaran Mantra To Bring Ex Boyfriend Back

“” ओम भगवती भाग भाग दायिनी देव दंती मम पश्चिम कुरु कुरु स्वाहा “”

vashikaran mantra for boyfriend

“ Om Bhagwati part part dhini dev danti mam west kuru kuru swaha”

Boyfriend ko vash me krne ka mantra

Om Klaam Kapaal Bhairavaa [Amukasya] Chittaakarshaka Swaha ||

Do you want to know what should I say to get my ex back? Sometimes you’re a beautiful relationship that we own because of excessive misunderstanding.But now you realize that you are not able to live without your partner as he or she is a major part of your life. Whenever you feel lonely and insecure when you should catch your love back into your life. To get your ex-love back into your life again it is crucial to fall out the real remedies and therapies of specialist astrologers.

If you want to get back your girlfriend, you can even chant the following Mantra


Easy Tips on How to Make Your Girlfriend Love You More

  • It is reassuring to hear that you are constantly there for her. It’s better to follow your word and honor your commitments. Be honest and sincere with her.
  • It’s important to tell her exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship. Put her back where she belongs if she infringes on your boundaries. This will earn you her respect in the long run because it demonstrates that you are a strong individual who isn’t easily intimidated. These small Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Love You More. Do you know why women are so confusing and prone to causing a fuss? It’s because they’re trying to test your ability to deal with a difficult circumstance by creating one for you to deal with subconsciously. If you lose your composure, it indicates that you’ll do the same if a more serious issue arises. Its better and make her feel safe by remaining calm and patient at the time of difficulty.

Another powerful mantra for “How can I make my girlfriend love me forever and marry me?”

||“AumNamohBhairawiBhogpradaMatangiAmuk Mum VashyamVashyamKuruKuruSwaha”||

Even you can chant the mantra “how to make your girlfriend love you more than before”



How to win your man back-

He is an expert in the field of vashikaran astrologer who gives you a powerful remedy for your problem related to love and marriage life and also tells you how to win a man back from another woman for which he provides effective remedies and mantras.

Om katyayanimahabhagemahayoginyadhishvarim|

Nandgopsutamdevipatiam me kurutenamah ||

How to win him back after a fight-

Guru is the expert astrologer in the whole world who gives you a dominant remedy for your problem. He has a great experience of astrology which is very helpful for any kind of problem of a person’s life and gives mantras for these kinds of problems of how to win him back after a fight to live a happy life.

OOm (Lover name) Namnaa OOm namo vaayu sunve jhateethi aakarshaya aakarshaya swaha”

“Sab nar karahin paraspar preetee

Chalahin svadharma nirat shruti neethi”.

These mantras are very effective for the solution of your love and marriage-related problems, you can chant these mantras in the early morning daily in your home and also in the temple for better results.

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