Kamdev mantra for love attraction

If you are attracted to someone but the person does not share the same feeling, the Kamdev mantra for love attraction will be of immense use to you. It is a rare and beautiful phenomenon when two people are mutually attracted to each other. However, any determined soul can seek the blessings of Lord Kamdev and make a positive change in their life using Kamdev Vedic mantra for love. These mantras have been known to work wonders since ancient times. Keep reading this article to study Kamdev Mantra effects according to the knowledge of Indian Vashikaran Guru and improve your present situation to make your desired person get attracted to you.

Love and attraction go hand in hand. Each supports the other. The lack of love or attraction can lead to problems in a relationship. Maybe you were in a happy relationship with someone but for some reason both of you have drifted apart. This feeling can take a toll on your mental peace and make you wish the person would come back in your life. If you really want to get your lost love back and have been wondering does Kamdev mantra work, then you must read this article thoroughly. We have included powerful Kamdev Mantra for lover back recommended by Indian Vashikaran Guru.

If you are very invested in a person but it is a one-sided attraction, it can be a confusing experience. The situation will make you want that person to share the same feeling. If the case is so, you have come to the right place. Using Kamdev Mantra for love with extreme devotion and the tips written below, you can get someone to love you back in very little time without much difficulty.

If you have set your mind upon a person with whom you have a mutual relationship but are facing difficulty to get married with them, due to issue with families, you should chant the Kamdev mantra for love marriage.If your desired person has not confirmed their desire to marry, there is still hope. According to the Indian Vashikaran Guru, using the Kamdev mantra for love marriage, you will be able to change your fates by having Kamdev in your favour. These mantras will ensure you have a healthy relationship and a successful married life.

Remember to chant all the mantras mentioned here with extreme devotion and concentration.

About Lord Kamdev:

Kamdev is the God of Love and Desire. Kamdev and his consort Rati, are worshipped as a symbol of true love. The gods sent Kamdev to disrupt Shiva’s meditation so that he could get attracted to Parvati. Shiva burnt him into ashes when Kamdev was fruitful in his efforts. Lord Kamdev’s wife Rati, cursed Parvati as she thought her to be the reason for the unfortunate turn of events. After that, Lord Kamdev was reborn as Lord Krishna’s son Shamba. In this reincarnation he had features similar to that of Lord Krishna. He is believed to awaken desire in those he shoots with his arrows and is hence called the God of love and desire.­­­­

Hence, according to Indian Vashikaran Guru, you can solve any problem related to love and desire by chanting Kamdev Mantra for lovereligiously.

There are many situations in which you may require the blessings of Kamdev. But firstly, Indian Vashikaran Guru advises you to note down this powerful Kamdev Gayatri Mantra, regardless of the situation you are here because of. The mantra is as follows:

ओमकामदेवायविद्महे, रतिप्रियायैधीमहि, तन्नोअनंगप्रचोदयात्।

Om KamdevaayVidmahe, Rati PriyayaeDhimahi, TannoAnangPrachodayaat

The Kamdev gayatri mantra experience is very special and makes you feel closer to your goal of being with the one you desire. It helps realign your energies and assures you that you can attain what you desire. According to Indian Vashikaran Guru, chanting this mantra during your evening prayers will make your existing love life prosperous and increase your prospects for a successful love life if you are not in a relationship. So, you should chant this mantra repeatedly during your evening prayers to please Lord Kamdev and awaken a mutual feeling in the person you desire. While praying, keep an image of the person you desire in mind to convey this to Lord Kamdev.

Many possible situations can arise in which you will need the blessing and guidance of Lord Kamdev. Maybe you were with someone and it was a happy and satisfying relationship with them but for some reason you drifted apart and you want them back in your life. Or maybe you have been married but you feel your spouse isn’t attracted to you or doesn’t love you back. It may also be that you are in a relationship and it is only recently that your spouse or partner has been showinga lack of interest in you and you want their interest back.

Below we have listed some mantras and advice to follow to help you as per your suitable situation:

To get lost love back

If your girlfriend or boyfriend have left you and you want to win them back in your life, Indian Vashikaran Guru suggests chanting Kamdev mantra for lost Love back. The event of losing someone dear to you can be a very painful and frustrating one and may leave you wondering what went wrong. Often times, the spark between a couple is lost which cause them to separate from each other. To restore this spark, the following mantra may be chanted. Below is the Kamdev Mantra in English and Hindi:

|| Om namobhagavatekaam-devaayshreemsarv-jan-priyaaysarv-jan-sammohanaayjval-jval,
prajval-prajval, han-han, vad-vad, tap-tap, sammohanay-sammohanay, sarv-janan me vashan kuru-kuru svaaha ||

|| ओमनमोभगवतेकाम–देवायश्रींसर्व–जन–प्रियाय
ज्वल–ज्वल, प्रज्वल–प्रज्वल, हन–हन, वद–वद, तप–तप,
सम्मोहय–सम्मोहय, सर्व–जनंमेवशंकुरु–कुरुस्वाहा||

This is an effective Kamdev mantra for ex love back and must be chanted for 15 minutes daily in meditative mode for 21 days to see the effects.

Unhappy Relationship

Many a times, the relationship you have with your partner loses the spark of passion. This can lead to an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship for both the partners. It can be reason for stress and can affect your professional life as well. If you are in an unhappy relationship and feel your spouse or partner doesn’t love you back or shows a lack of interest in you, you can reignite their interest by using Kamdev Mantra for Love attraction:



Om Namo Bhagwate Kamdevay Yasya Yasya

Drishyo Bhawamu Yasya Yasya Mam

Mukham Pashyati Tam Tam MohayatuSwaaha

This mantra can help resolve problems in your relationship and increase the communication between the both of you. It is also sure to increase your affection and attraction for each other. This mantra needs to be chanted for 21 days daily during your morning and evening prayers.

To get someone to be attracted to you

One of the ways to get someone to be attracted to you is to become more physically attractive. It is no lie that people are more inclined towards attractive people. Attractive people have an edge over others in terms of getting the person they desire to love them back. Attaining this standard is not very difficult. You need to please Lord Kamdev by chanting the following mantra:

Om KleemKleemKleem

‘RatikriyayeeKamadevaya Mam
Ange UpangePravishya

SudarshanayeeKleemKleemKleem Phat


You may be wondering does Kamdev mantra work in enhancing physical beauty. Indian Vashikaran Guru says that this mantra has been used by all sorts of people since ancient times and it has been known to work wonders. This is also a known Kamdev Mantra for boyfriend back in your life.

The mantra listed below is also one used since ancient times and makes a person more capable of attraction. This is also a known Kamdev Mantra for Girlfriend Back. Below is the Kamdev mantra for love attraction in Hindi:




Om Namo BhagwateKamdevayYasyaYasya

DrishyoBhawamuYasyaYasya Mam Mukham

Pashyati Tam TamMohayatuSwaaha

Kamdev Mantra Side effects

As long as you have good intentions behind using the mantra, there are no side effects of it in your life. However, using it in the wrong situation and in situations that are morally corrupt, it can make you end up losing all that you desired, prayed and worked hard for. The Kamdev mantra for Love Attraction should be used only as prescribed by Indian Vashikaran Guru.


The Kamdev Mantra for Love can solve all problems related to love and desire if chanted with true devotion and as prescribed by Indian Vashikaran Guru. Misuse of the Kamdev Mantras can lead to an opposite effect than what was desired.

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