Powerful Shiva mantra for love back

Being with the person you love is a feeling too beautiful to describe. When two souls love each other and have found each other, they are truly blessed by Lord Shiva. However, any devoted soul can seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and make a positive change in their love life using Shiva Vashikaran Mantra for love. Keep reading this article to make the best of the knowledge of Indian Vashikaran Guru and improve your connection with your desired person.

Love is a personal but divine connection between two people. Maybe you were sharing this feeling with someone special but for some reason both of you have drifted apart. This feeling can be very painful and if you are someone who wants to get their lost love back, then you have come to the right place. If you keep reading, you can get lost love back in 24 hours using the Shiva Mantra for Love back.

It may also be the case that you love a person very much but it is a one-sided feeling and you want that person to love you back and to accept your love. We have included Shiv mantra for one-sided love for the same. Using Shiva Mantra for love with extreme devotion and the tips written below, you can get someone to love you back.

Many people struggle to make their desired person fall in love with them. But often times, you may have found that person but are struggling to get married with them. This may be an issue with families or maybe your desired person has not confirmed their desire to marry. However, you do not need to worry. According to the Indian Vashikaran Guru, using the Shiva Mantra to marry desired person, you will be able to change your fates by having Lord Shiva in your favour.

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Remember to chant all the mantras mentioned here with extreme devotion and concentration.

These mantras will also help you feel stronger in this difficult journey and help you energise your aatmavishwaasor self-belief. Shiva is the supreme God and blesses all those who worship them with the strength to face the atrocities of life. Keep reading because this blog is going to solve all your difficulties keeping in mind the struggle you are facing. The most powerful mantra to get your love back given by Indian Vashikaran Guru is mentioned in this article.

About Lord Shiva and Parvati:

Lord Shiva is one of the most powerful gods. He is referred to the destroyer of evil and is known for his wisdom. He is married to Goddess Parvati and their union is considered the most powerful and symbolic of marriages. Shiva practices ascetism along with his duties in marriage and hence maintains a balance between his role as a lover and an ascetic. He is known for swallowing poison and keeping it in his throat to save mankind. He has two sons, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya and they live peacefully in the heart of Mount Kailash.

Before Parvati, Lord Shiva was married to Sati, daughter of Sage Daksha. Daksha did not respect or accept Shiva because of his way of life which also involved having a necklace of skulls around his neck. After Sati’s marriage to Shiva, Daksha broke all ties with his daughter. One day, Daksha organised a huge Yagna in which all gods and saints were invited. Sati insisted that she should attend it but Shiva tried to tell her that it will not be pleasant and Daksha may make attempts to disrespect her and treat her in and undignified manner. Despite this, Sati went to attend the Yagna and as predicted by Shiva, she was severely insulted. Shiva was furious. Sati found herself at a position where she did not receive the respect of her father’s house and was too ashamed to return back to Kailash after the insults she had brought to her husband by attending the Yagna. Ashamed of her innocence and of the insults she had brought, Sati jumped in a burning pyre and took her life. Shiva severely grieved for the loss of his beloved and regretted showing anger towards her.

Sati was reborn as Parvati, daughter of King Himavan. She had devoted her prayers to Lord Shiva at a very young age and had decided to get married to only him. For this, she had gone on long years of penance and prayer to please Lord Shiva. This penance of Lord Parvati is symbolic of the right of a woman to choose her partner. At last, Shiva accepted Parvati and got married to her.

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Shiva is a god symbolic of love and this can be proved with many stories of Indian Mythology.

  • Shiva sacrificed the ambrosia of life and consumed the poison because Gods and Demons hoped him to do so in times of insecurity.
  • He went against death to protect a true devotee of his –Markandeya.
  • He accepted flesh as offering because his devoteeKannappa offered it to him with true devotion.
  • He carried the remains of his beloved wife Sati across the worlds and grieved without getting tired in the misery of his loss.
  • He suffered the insult of Daksha and Mena’s ill tongue with a smile.

Before we look at the Shiva Vashikaran Mantra for love, let us look at some important lessons from Lord Shiva and Parvati’s marriage.

  • Immense Love: Both Lord Shiva and Parvati immensely love each other and care for each other’s comforts and discomforts. This love allows them to fulfil the other duties of marriage happily and with ease.
  • Devotion: Lord Shiva is truly devoted to his wife and makes sure she does not suffer any discomfort. The devotion of Goddess Parvati is well known.
  • Respect: Both partners should respect each other and their role, like Shiva and Parvati.
  • Togetherness: Partners must promise to be together in all ups and downs of life.
  • Communication: Miscommunication is the key to failed relationships. Loving your partner is not enough, you must also communicate your feelings and thoughts in a manner that is understood.
  • Putting Partner first: You should always prioritise your partner and their comfort. Never let them go through anything alone.

Thus, Lord Shiva is the supreme God and worshipping him will help you if you want to get love back from your desired person. You must use the Shiva Mantra for love back from the person you want.

Firstly, regardless of your situation, you must note down this powerful Shiv Gayatri Mantra:

ऊंतत्पुरुषायविद्महेमहादेवायधीमहितन्नोरुद्र: प्रचोदयात

Om Tatpurushaayvidmahemahadeva


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There are many possible scenarios in which people want their love back. Maybe you were in love with someone and it was a beautiful experience with them but for some reason they left you alone and you want that ex-lover back in your life. Or maybe you have been married to the person you love but you feel they don’t love you back. Or the case may be that you were in a relationship but lately your spouse or partner has been drifting away from you and you want their love back.

Below we have listed some mantras and advice to follow to help you as per your suitable situation:

Unhappy Relationship

If you are in an unhappy relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, then your Relationship Karma is weak according to Indian Vashikaran Guru.

You can turn your fates by chanting this Shiva Mantra for love back from your partner. This will also help you keep love alive with your husband and wife in your married life.



Chant this mantra 109 times a day to get that person’s love back in your life. This is the Om Vajrakaran Shiv Mantra and is well known for its powerful effect in leading a successful love life. It will strengthen your relationship karma and eventually lead to a happy life for you and your partner.

Another powerful Shiv Mantra for husband love back is the following:

|| Om NamohAadesha Guru Ka GharBandhuDwaraBandhu,

Aur Guru Shakti Se Bandhu Sansar Raja Ko Bandhu

De Shiva Ji AashirwadMujhe Shakti Do, Shakti Do ||

Chant this mantra during your morning prayers and you will notice a positive change in your relationship. You can also use this Shiv Mantra for wife love back towards you.

To get lost love back

If you were in a happy relationship and unfortunately you separated, there is still a lot of hope according to Indian Vashikaran Guru. By chanting the Shiva Mantra for lost love back with pure devotion, you are sure to get lost love back in 24 hours.

|| Om NamaoBhagwateRudhraya

Sarve Jagmohan Kuru KuruSwha ||

This is a powerful Shiv Mantra for lost love back in your life. You need to chant this in the morning and evening time with pure devotion and yearning for your lost love. This mantra works wonders.

Strength of self

Shiva is also the god to worship for self-strength, this mantra is to help you maintain your calm and strength while you pray for your love to come back.

Shiva Mantras for strength:

II Om NamahShivay II


II Om Namo BhagwateRudraay II

The experience of wanting someone back in your life can be painful and full of suffering. But the Lord is seeing your struggle. Bow down to Lord Shiva and continue with your day-to-day work chanting the mantras mentioned here. Let the lord take care of everything.

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