How To Worship Lord Shiva To Get Lost Love Back

How To Worship Lord Shiva To Get Lost Love Back? or which god to worship to get your love back? If you have these types of questions then we will provide you shiva mantra for husband love. You can also use our lord shiva mantra for successful love marriage.

Sometimes, your love life becomes complicated when the person you love is so careless towards you. The person you love doesn’t value you, but you love your partner completely with this emotion. Anyhow, you want to be with your partner whether he\him still loves you or not.

How To Worship Lord Shiva To Get Lost Love Back

There can be many reasons why your partner left you, but if your love is still pure for that person, you can try to get lost love back. The most powerful Lord Shiva worship can give boon to you in the matter of love. All you have to know how to worship lord shiva to get lost love back.

Here is how to worship Lord Shiva to get lost love back mentioned below for you.

  • Pratipada tithi comes after no moon day, and on this day, worship should be done.
  • To do worship, you should self-clean yourself by taking a bath.
  • Necessarily, wear clean cloth and also place Lord Shiva deity on clean cloth.
  • Apply tika on Lord Shiva deity and offer flowers to him.
  • A holy offering like fruits and sweets is essential to do worship of Lord Shiva.
  • For 10000 times, you have to chant the mantra in 11 days.
  • Close your eyes and request in meditation in front of Lord Shiva for positive results.
  • Till you get your partner back, you have to chant this mantra for 108 times every day.
  • Here is the Mantra to Chant

|| Om Vajrakaran Shive Ruddh Ruddh Bhave Mamaai Amrit Kuru Kuru Swaaha ||

Shiva Mantra For Husband Love

Shiva Mantra For Husband Love, Wives get disturbed when husbands are not behaving like before, and the marriage relationship is near to break. If you face the problem of not getting your husband’s love and trying to get his love back, you will solve it soon. Love between you and your husband can regain when you have Lord Shiva blessings. You need to chant the Shiva mantra for husband love, and the positive result of this mantra will surprise you.

|| Om Namoh Aadesha Guru Ka Ghar Bandhu Dwara Bandhu, Aur Guru Shakti Se Bandhu Sansar Raja Ko Bandhu De Shiva Ji Aashirwad Mujhe Shakti Do, Shakti Do ||

Here, Shiva Mantra for Husband Love provided for you. You will get the love of your husband back if you follow the mantra method. In front of the Lord Shiva Deity, you have to offer some flowers and fruits. Light the incense and Diya with pure ghee.

Chant this mantra for 121 times constantly for 21 days. After completing this method, you have to tilak on your forehead and the mixture of tilak kumkum, Chandan, and gorochana together. Whatever was the reason for not getting love of your husband but you through this mantra, you will get effective results. You will see the changes in your husband’s behavior towards you, and love will start again.

Lord Shiva Mantra For Successful Love Marriage

Lord Shiva Mantra For Successful Love Marriage, People often wish to marry the partner they love, but it is not successful in many cases. Some people live happily with marrying the partner they love, but some people are not so lucky in that case. If you one of those people and wishing to marry the partner you love, so do worship to Lord Shiva.

Marrying the person you already know, and love can be easy if Lord Shiva gives you blessings. All you have not to lose hope on the Lord Shiva and believe in him. By chanting Lord Shiva Mantra for successful love marriage, you will marry your partner you love.

If you chant the lord shiva mantra, then follow the method completely; meanwhile, the result will be effective. After a few days of chanting the mantra, you should meet with your love and parents for love marriage meeting. The result will be in favor of both.

|| Om Vajakaran Shiv Rudh Rudh Bhave Mamai Amrit Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

Lord Shiva Mantra is for successful love marriage uses to get your partner as your husband/wife in the blessings. This mantra you can chant for 10000 times in 11 days. For chanting, you should be ready with some fruits and flowers to offer to the idol of Lord Shiva.

Before chanting this mantra, you have to take a bath, wear clean cloth, and use clean cloth for Lord Shiva idol. To complete this method with concentration and peace of mind for better results.

Which God To Worship To Get Your Love Back

Which God To Worship To Get Your Love Back? Lord Shiva is the most powerful God who is also known as destroyer. In Hinduism religion, he is mainly one of the three main gods. He not only solves your issues but also gives blessings for successful love. Many of the people do worships to Lord Shiva to get a successful love life. If your mind thinks about which God to worship to get your love back, do remember Lord Shiva.

Your love life will be back even after break up whatever the reason was for the breakup will be solved. You will find the attraction of your love towards you after worshiping Lord Shiva with all your heart. There are various mantras of Lord Shiva and getting back love mantra given below.

|| Om Namao Bhagwate Rudhraya Sarve Jagmohan Kuru Kuru Swha ||

This mantra, you should prefer to do worship of getting love back. You have to recite this mantra 1008 times in a day. Like always, you worship God. You have to follow the same method with some change while chanting. Wear clean cloth after taking a bath and place lord shiva on neat cloth.

After that, do worship Lord Shiva with offerings of fruits and flowers. Use tika on your forehead due to chanting mantra. The successful result you will get once completed this method. After getting its effective result, you will advise other people who ask which God to worship to get your love back.

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