Husband and Wife Unity Slokas

Slokas for husband and wife unity help those couples who are in the middle of a constant quarreling relationship and have a lack of understanding that hampers the happiness in a married family. Husband and wife do not reach to a compromise whether the problems or argue are insignificant and silly. This situation may cause a distress or gaps in a married relationship. Husband and wife are under the effect of ego and envy towards each other because of short-tempered anger. This may lead a relationship to loss of time and break up. If any of your friend or family members is also confronting such problems, then they can get some astrological help. Astrology has a solution for almost every problem using some black magic mantras or Slokas.

Slokas for Husband and Wife Unity

These Slokas for husband and wife will help a person in attaining again the situation of more stability in your disturbed married life. There are many Slokas to help a Husband and wife in living their life in tranquility and in harmony. These are mantras known as Krishna Slokas.

Om Kleem Krishnay Govinday Namaha
Om Kleem Krishnay Achyuthay Namaha
Om Kleem Krishnay Madhavay Namaha
Om Kleem Krishnay Gopiipriyay Namaha

It has advised by an astrologer that one should recite these Krishna Slokas at least 8 round daily and maximum 24 rounds, in each round recite 108 times this Sloka, will bring harmony in your husband-wife relationship.

Slokas for Husband and Wife Understanding

Many relationships between a girl and a boy turn sour after marriage’s few years because of some words expressed in a moment of errant feelings. Husband and wife result in being estranged because of that little misunderstanding that can be cured in time if you had taken the help of our service Slokas for Husband and wife understanding. Understanding is very important in any successful relationship. However, people know that the fights will lead their relationship to bad events and consequences, but in the ignorance, they do not care about it and ends in smoke of failure and nothing.

Maheem Mulaadhare Kamape Maanipore Hutavaham
Sthitaam Swadhishtane Haridi Maroota Makasaa Moopari
Manoppi Bhrumadhye Sakalamaapi Bhitwa Kulapathaam
Sahasrare Paadme Saaha Rahassi Patya Viharase

Oh! Supreme Lord, in the secret part, you show the earth or in the navel, you depict the water; in the between the navel and secret part. Oh, lord, you depict the fire and the heart and also the air and space or ether. In the middle of eyebrow, you depicted the brain or mind; you have made all the six base energy and essence to make the human complete and happy. Now, let my worries fade away and make our relationship pure like your love.

Slokas for Reunion of Husband and Wife

After the separating, a married couple starts to look up for the ways to reunite with their partner. Our astrologers are going to depict Slokas for the reunion of a husband and wife again. However, many couples do not want to live in concert at the time to come, but you have to keep faith in the God, and you should contact with astrologer for Slokas to bring your husband or wife in your life again. These Slokas will regenerate the lost love in your couple’s heart and they will reunite with you for the lifetime.

Ugram Viraam Maha-Vishnu mam Jwaalanthum Sarvatha Moogham
Nrisimha Bhishananam Bhadhraam Mrityumrityoom Namaamyaham

This is the Narasimha Mantra or Sloka that will help a husband and wife in getting together for forever. This Narasimha Sloka for a reunion of husband and wife is very useful because Narasimha Dev removes and destroys the obstacles and brings harmony and peace in life. A husband and wife reunion, after a dreadful divorce, can be done successfully with the help of astrologer, such as recitation of Slokas for reunion can help.

Sloka for Intimacy between Husband and Wife

Sloka for intimacy between husband and wife is helpful in getting back the relationship of a husband and wife on the track. If you recite the mantras or Sloka provided by our astrologer Baba Ji, then you will see the effect and positive outcomes soon.

“om swadhinaa vallabhayaai namaha”

Recite this mantra for 108 times daily after ablution and do not forget to wear good and intimacy cloths to attract your husband and wife towards to you to make love. It is true that like other relationships or things love also disappear from the relationship if we stop caring about a person. Intimacy is an important part of a successful married life, because a girl or boy seeks an intimacy relationship with their love or marriage partner after marriage. To avoid your partner all the time may lead to the end of your relationship. If anyone, need Sloka for intimacy between husband and wife, they can contact with an astrologer to get a description of how to recite the Sloka properly.

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