How to Get Married Prediction

When Will I Get Married Prediction, Marriage is a significant event in every individual’s life. It is one occasion that every girl and boy eagerly look forward to. It is also considered as one of the most important parts of your life as you are often deemed incomplete until you find a suitable partner and settle into marital bliss.

So it is no wonder that you start to be curious quite early in life about when you will get married.There are two approaches to go about it to find out when you will get married. These methods are numerology and through your personal kundli. These two are supposed to be able to tell you accurately when you will get married and about your compatibility with your potential partner.In both these methods, your birth date plays a crucial role.

Numerology, in simple terms, is the study of numbers and the significant role that they play. It involves extensive studying of the relationship between a number and the events that occur. It is believed that every single element that exists in the universe is denoted by a specific number. Even letters have a numeric value by which they are denoted. Each number carries its own vibration which is different from another number.

In numerology, the general characteristics and personality traits of people are divided into nine groups. The numbers 1 through 9 represent each of these groups where each number symbolizes a set of qualities that are possessed dominantly by people of that category. The number that you fall under depends on your birth-date which will be discussed soon.

In this manner, the numerology compatibility of two people is checked after their individual number shave been calculated. This method of checking is considered as very accurate and reliable. Many people strongly believe that this is one of the best methods of prediction of when your marriage is likely to take place. Before you calculate when you will get married you must check to see if you both are suitable for each other. In order to do this the following three parameters are calculated as follows:

Moolank refers to the root number which is calculated by adding the individual digits of your birth-date. For example, you were born on 28th May then your moolank would be 2 + 8 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. Hence, your root number is 1.

Bhagyank means the destiny number which is derived using your complete birthdate. For example, you were born on 28th May 1990 then your bhagyank would be 2 + 8 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7. Thus, your destiny number is 7.

Namank signifies the name number which is calculated through a specific chart where each alphabet is denoted by an explicit number. You add the numbers corresponding to digits of your nameand come down to a number comprising of a digit.

When Will I Get Married Prediction

Note that when a two digit number is found you add the digits to get a single digit number. After you calculate the three factors individually for the girl and boy, you must check their compatibility using a chart. It must be kept in mind that the three parameters are checked individually. For instance, only the moolank of both the people must be compared first.

Then the bhagyank would need to be checked and so forth. This will give you an estimate of whether it would be a wise decision to get married or not. In many cases when the calculations are not pleasing, the boy/girl can change his/her name. Many numerologists have claimed that that the best dates to get married would be destiny numbers 1 or 9. That is, the destiny number of a given prospective date should yield a number 1 or 9as it is said to be highly favorable for a couple.

Another widely known and supposedly more accurate method of prediction of when you will get married is by kundli which is also known as your birth chart, birth horoscope, janampatri etc. The kundli is an astrological chart based on your birth-date, birth place and birth time. The more accurate the details of your birth, the more accurate this chart will be. The kundli depicts the positions of many planets, sun, moon and various other aspects when you were born. An astrologer prepares it and he is the one who understands it best. The prediction of future can be easily done with it according to the movement of the planets.

When Will I Get Married Prediction

The kundli consists of 12 houses. You must be wondering what this has to do with when you will get married. Well, the 7th house gives you information regarding your marriage and it is called the house of relationships. Depending on which planet is present on your 7th house, your marriage occurs accordingly. For girls Jupiter is the ruling planet of marriage whereas for boys it is Venus. The following are some general predictions based on the planets in the 7th house:

  • Early marriage will take place for you if Venus or Moon is present.
  • Marriage will occur at the perfect time for you if Jupiter is present.
  • Late marriage will take place for you if Sun or Mars is present.
  • If Saturn (or Shani) is present, then your marriage will be delayed for quite some time.
  • If no planet is present then there is uncertainty as to when marriage will take place.

Though these are general rules by which you can predict when you will get married, it is highly advised that you first find out exact details of your birth and then consult an astrologer. He would then make your kundli based on those details and will be able to predict from the planetary positions when your marriage will be highly likely. After that the kundli of you and your prospective partner will be matched to fix a marriage date that will be auspicious.

There are also many numerology and kundli calculators online that require you to enter many details such as your name, birth-date etc.which then predict when you will get married. As tempting as it may sound, it is highly recommended that you consult a knowledgeable numerologist or astrologist who can predict when you will get married.Numerology and astrology predictions give you a highly reliable estimate of when you will get married.

In addition, you can find out with whom you will be getting married after careful comparison and compatibility checks which are present in both the prediction methods discussed.Keep in mind that there are other methods that you can explore such as palmistry through which you can get a prediction for your marriage date as well. You must discover for yourself and choose what feels best to you.

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