Navgrah Shanti Ke Sabse Ache Upay

Navgrah Shanti Ke Upay, Everyone loves to live in peace; no one wants and love to have Violence. But it’s always not easy to have what you want. Sometimes you don’t have control on the situations and sometimes situations become worst and go out of control. These days people have lots of health issues and they are not mentally fit to stay in such a troublesome environment.

Navgrah Shanti Ke Upay

You all are born under some stars and you all do your best to strengthen up your stars. You all are must be aware of nine plants and heavenly bodies which are in the universe, you are constantly under their impact and eye. These nine planets are termed as in Indian society as Navgrah. Each planet plays an vital role in your lives. Starting from Mangal to Budha each planet has something to do with some aspect of your lives.

Grahs are something which can turns the things upside down in your life. To control them, to have peace, to have inner satisfaction some kinds of pujas and mantras are provided by Hindu-Priest. Apart from poojas you also have totkas for the same. As grahs can take away peace from your life, to have peace that is known as shanti many kinds of poojas are being offered. Hindu-Priest after some study tells you, which grah that is which planet is not in your favor at that particular time and period.

As every planet is associated with something so does to solve problem for each planet there is some different mantras. Poojas with hawan affects a lot to solve issues, as well as different gemstones also gives relief at great extent. If you feel lathergic all the time, mangal that is Mars is the reason. If you feel your communication is not so strong among others Budha is the reason.

If you want to be a great teacher but you are unable to be the one Brishapati is not in your favor. If wealth is not coming properly, having problem with being a mother then Shukra is the reason. If learning of your child is not so strong than Shani is the reason. So does Rahu have control over all the mess in your life and Ketu has control on supernatural things happening in your life.

Each grah asks for different day with different method of pooja. Saturday is for Shani to impress, Monday is for Mangal to become happy and so on. Pandits tell you the way and day according to your stars. Irrespective of all the other things Offering is the biggest cure. To solve Navgrah issues and mis balances it is necessary to have prescribed hawans.

Navgrah Shanti Ke Upay

It is true that these things take time but they show great effects at great level. No one love to live between quarrels and mental tensions everyone love peace. Sometimes efforts are needed to build the weak things strong and make things come on the track. When navgrah are not balanced they bring with them great troubles and problems which need to be settle down with time . Being particular with everything is necessary and patience will bring positive results and all the things on track.

The word Navgrah is a combination of two words – Nava which in hindi means “Nine“ and Grah which means “Planets“ which plays a very important role in living wealthy and healthy life. It is said that transition of a planet creates many kinds of problems in life which cannot be resolved easily .

The Navgrah is a very popular which negates the ill effects of all 9 planets –mercury , venus , earth , marus , Jupiter , Saturn , Neptune and Pluto. Some of them move from one place to another in a year depending on the positions. According to Hindu priests and astrologers performing certain mantra will bring significant changes in life . If you want to have successful and healthy life you should know about each and every palnet .Navgrah mantra helps in removing the problems from your life created by nine planets.

The nine planets cover both negative and positive energy in ones life. Nav grah shanty helps you to solve your problems related to relationship problem , ladies who are not able to conceive , marriage related problems , issues related to finance , career related problems.We should always try to follow according to our stars or horoscope as they will give us positive result soon .We should always take the suggestion from Astrologer before using the remedies of in your life.

Navgrah Shanti Ke Upay

There are many solutions but for that you have to be very patient and calm. Kali nazar , Tona totka , Black magic sometimes creates troubles on your road to success and career. To have energy to face all the troubles discouragement , demoralisation Navgrah shanti mantra is the best cure for it.

Navgrah shanti puja is consider to please all 9 planets and this puja is good and helpful for those who have Grah Dosh in their horoscope or Kundli . Chanting of Navgrah shanti mantra will create positive atmosphere around you and this should be done with positive attitude as if it is done with positive attitude it will create positive vibes , negative attitude may harm sometime.

After doing this puja you will feel peace , wisdom , freedom around you as this puja creates the blissful atmosphere. Navgrha shanti puja is so strong and powerful that it helps to solve all types of difficulties whether it is related to success , leadership , family problems , or job related problems etc. This mantra helps you to acquire wealth , power , strenght to acquire success.

Navgrah Shanti Ke Upay

Chanting of Navgrah Shanti mantra helps to find the solution of every difficulty but it should be done with the full spirit.It helps to find the solution to the problem related to all types of issues. good .Everyone wants to have peace in their life but many a times you face the difficulties . Chanting Navgrah mantra will help you out to solve your problem. You should always keep trust , patience and faith in God

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