Tanav Se Mukti Ke Jyotish Upay

Tanav Se Mukti Ke Jyotish Upay, We are going to discuss here about how to remain free from mental stress and tension. Mental stress is harmful for your overall health. It decreases your life spirit and makes life difficult for you.

A person in stress behaves badly with others. It makes others against him. The person is already in tension, and his stress is being the reason of his additional troubles.

Tanav Se Mukti Ke Jyotish Upay

Moon gives mental pace and calmness to any person. If your kundli has a malefic moon, you will suffer from stress and tension. Worries will accompany you throughout your life. Weak moon in the kundli of any jatak brings him worries and stress in his life. You should follow the following “tanav se mukti jyotish upay” to remain safe and secured:

  • Take your parent’s blessings everyday in the morning before you start your day.
  • Wear pearl after getting your kundli prepared and analyzed by a professional jyotish/astrologer. Pearl will keep your mind calm during the period of depression.
  • Invite and welcome Sadhu, Sant and Brahmans to your house and take their good wishes and blessings. Their blessings will fill your life with positivity.
  • Keep a glassful of water near your head at nights when to go to sleep. Put that water in the Tulsi plant in your house, when you wake up in the next morning.
  • Plant a Tulsi plant in the north-west side of your house to greet moon/chandrama. You can plant other shrubs also.
  • Bring Khirni shrub and tie it in a white piece of cloth. Wear this on a full moon day to pacify the malefic effects of moon in your kundli.
  • Do not remain awake at night till late. You should sleep early and let the moon light enter your room during the time you sleep. A sound sleep heals much mental illness.
  • Do not let dirty water to accumulate in your house. Keep your house neat and clean to invite moon light to your house.
  • Store rain water in glass jar in your house. Keep the jar in the southern most corner of the house.
  • Take bath in Holy River to wash out all negativities of your mind. The science behind this is that the minerals of the river will heal your physical illness and you will attain a calmer mind.
  • Use Palash wood as Samidha in the Hom Yajna you perform in your house to remove stress and tension from your life. The fragrance of Palash wood would remove the negative energies from the house.
  • Wear silver rings, wristlets or bangles to receive the coolness of moon.
  • Keep fast every Monday. Worship Lord Shiva on each Monday and offer water and milk to bathe Shiva Linga.
  • Feed birds daily.
  • Perform pranayam everyday.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa everyday and offer Sindur, red cloth, red flowers, mustard oil and sacred thread to Hanuman Mandir on every Saturday.
  • Tanav Se Mukti Ke Jyotish Upay
  • Depression and stress is one of the common elements of modern life that is ruining many lives. Strain has not only swallowed adults, but it has taken children in its coverage. Stress has ruined domestic lives of many families and has disturbed many marital lives. The negativity have captured people and people are going in wrong direction. People are under troubled lifestyle and bad habits. Many people have lost themselves in:
  • Steroids
  • Sleeping pills
  • Drugs
  • Suicide
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Alcohol
  • Weeds and smoke
  • Conflicts
  • Worries and sleeplessness
  • Tanav Se Mukti Ke Jyotish Upay

Chant “tanav mukti mantra” to decrease the effects of depression in your life. Mantra uchcharan releases a positive energy from your body. It generates positive vibrations and secrets good hormones from your body organs. Mantra uchcharan is beneficial to remove depression and stress. It takes you to a state of content. You will get a stable state of mind. Mantra uchcharan will fill your heart with hope.

Hope is the ray of light that will keep your life going. Miserable situations in your life have bought stress and worries in your life. You are in depression because of your worries. Mantra chanting will give you a ray of hope in your life to fight all the problems. It will encourage you to fight all the troubles in life.

We have discussed about “mansik tanav se mukti ke upay” and following those, you can solve all your life problems.

Here are other tips for you to release your life from stress and worries:

Tanav Se Mukti Ke Jyotish Upay

  • Offer coconut and white cloth to any poor person for 11 Wednesdays. This will keep you away from unknown fears that might is haunting you.
  • Offer red flowers to Hanuman Ji on each Tuesday to remove the reoccurrence of bad dreams in your life.
  • Keep a metallic pyramid in your bed room. This will remove the negativities from your bed room and you will have a calm sleep.
  • If you are suffering from chronic depression, this mantra will keep you mentally healthy:
  • “Om aatikraakaar maahaakaayaa, kaalpaantaa daahaanopaam
  • Bhaairaavaay naamaastu bhyaamnugyaa daatumaahsi”
  • This mantra will keep all negative thoughts from you and fill your mind with positivity. You will regain the courage to fight against everything that is putting you down.
  • Offer food and cloth to beggar and other poor people.

Tanav Se Mukti Ke Jyotish Upay

All the “chinta se mukti jyotish upay” that we have suggested you will remove negativities, stress and depression from your life. You will be able to gain a stable life. These remedies will fill your life with positivity. You will regain the courage to fight back in life.

Get your kundli analyzed by a professional astrologer. Astrology will unveil the real reasons of your worries and depressions. A professional astrologer will be able to guide you with stones and mantra remedies. You will soon be able to get out of the depression. You will again achieve a normal life and will live a healthy lifestyle.

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