Astrology Tips for Santan Prapti

Jyotish Upay for Santan Prapti service is for those married couples who are struggling in Santan Prapti. Jyotish Upay for Santan Prapti can solve the obstacles in getting pregnant by the natural way. As humans become better with time, with technology, many people having a problem in getting their own Santan, after the marriage. This problem was not curable in according to science in the past, but if we look into ancient scriptures, we can learn that in the past when married couples do not have a child then they used to consult with a saint or Jyotish. Jyotish Upay for Santan Prapti is based on Vedic knowledge, which is an ancient technique to solve material world problems.

Jyotish Upay for Santan Prapti

By using the service, Jyotish Upay for Santan Prapti, which is more powerful and effective than other Santan Prapti Upay because this Jyotish Upay will bring the result in a short time, you can get the chance of becoming parents in your dull life.

There is many Tantra or Mantra for being to get a child such as Santana Gopala mantra and you should worship of Lord Krishna in as a child form, this is the best Jyotish Upay for Santan Prapti:

“Om Devki-Sut Govind Vasudev Jagatpatay
Dehiye Taney Krishna Tawam Ahem Shar-anam Gathah”

This mantra is very effective and will help all those couples having trouble in becoming parents and they will conceive soon. According to astrology those people have trouble in Santan Prapti should worship Lord Krishna, he will fulfill all the desires in a short time, and for more details you may contact with an astrologer. In medical also there are many ways to conceive a child, but these methods may be very costly for those who are not very much richer. Jyotish Upay is very effective and not very costly, so anyone can use this service in solving his or her problem related to mothering a child.

Jyotish Upay for Shukra

Jyotish Upay for Shukra service protects a person from the bad effect of Shukra Dev, who is the brightest planet in the solar system. If the position of planet Venus (Shukra) is not right in your Horoscope chart, then you may face troubles in your love marriage and career. To recover the bad effect of Shukra you can use the following methods:

  • Fasting for Shukra Dev
  • Follow the rituals for Shukra
  • Wear the gemstone for Shukra
  • Donation for Shukra to poor
  • Yagya or Pooja for Shukra

These techniques can bring the stability in your horoscope chart and the position of Shukra dev. Anybody can use these methods to be free from the effect of Shukra position in your horoscope.

Jyotish Upay for Success

Jyotish Upay for success can bring you success in your career or in business. Sometimes you do not get success or desired result, it may be because of your planet’s position. There are few Jyotish Upay for success that can be used to get success in your life. Our astrologer Baba Ji is described further, some of these tips or Upay that can be used by anyone at their home that will bring the desired result.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should rub your both the palms and look at the both palms because according to Vedic astrology it is believed that the Goddess of Wealth Maha Laxmi resides in one palm.

On every Saturday if one offers boiled rice for crows that represent Saturn Dev, will pacify Saturn demigod and in return, he will bring you success in your career.

In the morning after ambulation after one hour of sunrise, you should offer clean water in copper vessels to the Sun while reciting the following mantra “Om Hreem Surrya aaye Namaham”. you should recite this Surya Namaskar mantra at least for 11 times.

You should recite the Gayatri mantra and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra daily, at least for 31 times for a better career and success in your business.

Tryambakaṃ Yajā mahe Sugandhiṃ Pushti vardhanam
Urvārukamiva Bandhanān Mrityormukshīya Mā’mratātam

In Vedic Astrology, Lord Ganesha, known as Vighna Vinaashak Because Lord Ganesha is the one who destroys all types of obstacles, so you can recite the Ganesha Mantra.

Jyotish Upay for Sarkari Naukri

Jyotish Upay for Sarkari Naukri helps those candidates who are preparing for Sarkari Naukri. Our astrologer Baba Ji offering many Upay that can help you in removing the obstacles from your way of getting a Sarkari Naukri. Our astrologer advises that you should recite the Hanuman Mantra “Om Shree Hanumate Namaha” for at least 21 times daily or on the day of Hanuman. According to Hindu civilization, Saturday and Tuesday are the days for worshiping Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is widely known as “Sankat Mochan” means one who destroys the Problems or hurdles.

All these Jyotish Upay for Sarkari Naukri will bring your desired job, and you will grow and find good opportunities in the future. For more details you, feel free to contact with an astrologer who can help you in solving your problems using Jyotish Knowledge.

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