Vashikaran By Hair

Strong Vashikaran By Hair, A strong vashikaran by hairconsists of using hair of a person to perform vashikaran. It is considered a great method as the hair is part of the person. Hence, using hair can help you control the person more.

Strong Vashikaran By Hair

This type of vashikaran is more effective than only reciting mantras and following a particular vidhi. The only thing is you need the hair of either you or the person you want to control. The specific vidhi will be clear about which person’s hair is required. Then this control procedure will become successful completely.

You can use hair love vashikaran totke. You will notice there are many baba jis who will give you remedies and tips to control people with hair. This is not limited to controlling a grown up person. You can control children and older people too.

Sometimes your children don’t listen to you although you do so much for them. In such a case, you can control them such that they always listen. This is for their improvement. When you want what is best for their future, you can use hair vashikaran totke.

Husband Vashikaran By Hair

You can get the tips or remedies from the Internet. You can also consult an astrologer who will be able to help you out. When you do so, proceed with care as they can dupe you. It is better if you first look for options on the Internet. You should try them out one by one. You have to be patient so that you can see if it works. If some hair totke don’t work then you can try the others that are available.

You can even perform a vidhi with hair to control your husband. The husband vashikaran by hairmethod is as follows.

  • You need to cut some hair from your private parts of your body. Then cut your nails from your hands and feet. This must be done on a Saturday.
  • You need to keep all of these together then burn them. You need to recite ‘aumccheekccheekswaahaaswaahaa’ when you are burning the items.
  • You need to recite the mantra any number of times you want. You just need to keep repeating the mantra for maximum effects.
  • It is better if you burn all these slowly. You need to burn them so that they turn into ash powder.
  • You are required to mix this powder into your husband’s food. Before you give it to him, just repeat the mantra a few times.
  • You can mix it in your husband’s drinking water too. You need to ensure he eats or drinks it in some way.
  • You can use vashikaran mantra by hair at home. This type of vashikaran vidhi can be used for controlling some aspect related to your home. For example, you and your spouse have frequent disputes that you want to resolve. You notice that this often happens at your home nearly everday.

Hair Love Vashikaran Totke

You want these fights to stop at your home forever. No one likes fights and these only make you and your spouse go far away from you. The following procedure will help you perform vashikaran so that your home is peaceful with no fights. If you are a wife who is doing the vashikaran then you need to do the following procedure.

  • You need a hair of a peacock. If you have a peacock feather, then you can take out a single hair strand or a few strands from there.
  • You need to burn these peacock hairs on a stove or outside your home. It doesn’t matter where you do it.
  • When the peacock hair has turned to ash, you need to mix sindoor. You should ensure that you are mixing it completely.
  • You should put this mixture as you apply sindoor. You should put as much as possible. This will help remove all types of fights.
  • If you are a husband who wants to control your wife to stop fights, then you can do the following. You can offer gajaraa to a photo with Mother Goddess in your home. You can offer the gajaraa at a temple as well.

Vashikaran Mantra By Hair At Home

The following is a strong vashikaran by hairmethod that is tantric in nature. Tantric vashikaran methods use tantra and mantra. These are used by sadhus generally because they are weird in nature compared to other procedures. The following is a comparatively easy method. The tantric vashikaran is for men. If you want to attract and control a woman you love deeply then you can use this procedure to do so.

  • You need to follow the lady when she walks. Then you need to take the dust from the place where she placed her foot. You need her hair too. This needs to be done on a Saturday.
  • You need to make a doll like a voodoo doll. Then you need to cover the doll with a blue dress. The hair on the doll should be the one you got from the woman. You must apply the dust too.
  • You need to put some semen where the private part of the doll is. You must get some sindoor and put it there as well.
  • You need to hold the doll in your hand and say the following. ‘Aumnamoohkaamakhhyadevee (say name of woman here) meinwasshyammkurookurooswaahaa.’
  • You must repeat this chanting for total of 21 times. Then bury the doll near the woman’s house. The doll must be buried on the left side of her house.
  • It is not very difficult to perform strong vashikaran by hair. As you have seen in the processes above, only the tantra vashikaran is the difficult one. As long as you can perform it at home, it should be done by you.

The reason is it is very effective way to control the person you want to control. You will succeed in vashikaran when you have noble thoughts in mind. You should control people for betterment of things. When you focus on only the good, then you can achieve great things by performing vashikaran.

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