Vastu Tips For Health And Wealth

Vastu Tips For Health And Wealth

Everyone wants to become rich. But this is something that is not easy to achieve. Some people are born lucky, while others have to struggle hard to earn more & save more. It may take several years to become rich, since there is no direct shortcut to it. So, what is the solution to get rid of this poorness? Would you keep struggling for whole of your life like you’re doing?

Yes, may be!

But the answer should be a big NO.

With the advent of the world, people are becoming smarter. They are doing everything to keep themselves healthy and wealthy. Even if they have to use astrology services to overcome the problems within a shortest period of time, they don’t think twice. People simply prefer to look for the best astrology services in India and thus, get the effective solution to get rid of the problem.

Health Wealth Vastu Shastra Tips

Astrology also suggests some vastu tips to gain money & get rich. One who follows these vastu tips honestly will be able to avail its benefits in least possible time. So, what exactly vastu tips are? What is its sole aim? Let’s discuss about it first before getting on the vastu tips.

The sole and primary aim of vastu tips for wealth is to keep the Lord Kuber happy throughout the day. It is generally believed that the lord Kuber shower his blessings with all the health and wealth when he gets impressed with all those people who tries to keep him happy.

Now, the question arises, how to keep him happy?

Well, the answer is quite simple; just follow the vastu tips honestly. Here we have mentioned few vastu guidelines you can consider following to gin wealth and become rich:

Never ever think to keep the cash locker under the influence of any beam, since it impacts your financial stability and causes stress on every family member.Never ever take a dig on swimming pool lower than the normal ground level.Keep the cash locker near to the south or south west side, as it allows the Kuber to keep your cash locker full of money every time.Try to keep a mirror in front of the Cash locker or cash almirah. This shows a reflection of the same in the mirror and hence, your finance stability gets 2 times stronger.It’s considered best to keep the north east side open and clutter free, since it helps to bring wealth in your life. Try to avoid placing machinery in the same place.Make sure to feed the grains and water to birds.Make sure to have a purple color plant at your home. Purple color is a symbol of wealth; hence it welcomes the wealth to your life. However if it is hard to get the purple color plant, try to keep a money plant at your home.Bring fish aquarium to your home and keep it in the north east portion of lobby.Keep the windows and home doors clean and clear. Dirtiness obstructs the path of money.
So, these are few vastu guidelines.

Career Problems And Astrology

Career Problems And Astrology

In this competitive world, students are burdened with studies and career selections. Lacks of students fill forms but only some of them get the chance to outperform in their career. Appropriate career selection is the one of the most important decision for life. People often seek help from Astrologer in Hyderabad to choose career for their kids. The irony is when an engineer is offered a clerk job which is obviously of not his interest or choice; he has to take up the offer because of lack of jobs.

In such situations, Astrology can help you in searching the inclination of your kid for his career and choices. Astrology never guarantees about the success but definitely forwards one’s step towards achievement. Astrologer Hyderabad can assist you in providing the effective tips for choosing the right career and time. In astrology, Saturn is considered as the career and professional planet. This is well known for its troubling effects in one’s life.

Saturn Can Delay Your Achievements But Not The Denial

Saturn position in your birth chart influences the problems and difficulties. This planet is considered as a teacher too. The glitches or difficulties signify the bad karmas that one performed in his previous life. These difficulties force a person to remind about those bad karmas and he has to pay for them too.

10th House Role In Career

In the horoscope of a person, the 10th house signifies the professional life. The career-related situations can be analyzed with this house. The position of Saturn and 10th plays an important role in determining the career path. If Saturn is placed in the 10th house, then the individual has to face some problems in achieving a great place in professional life. Saturn placed in 8th house may worsen the situation as the person has to face more difficulties in settling his account.

But These Can Be Neglected If One Follows Following Tips:

  • If one strengthens the lord of 10th house, then he may get success in his professional life.
  • People who are in professional field should keep Saturn blessed to get immense success in life.
  • One should also take care of lord Ascendant so that he can achieve maximum success in professional; field.
  • Politicians, institute runners and lawyers should reconcile Jupiter planet to get immense fame and success in life
  • One can hang scenery in his office on back side of seat to relief the malefic effect.Avoid sitting facing towards the wall, sit in an open place so that positive vibes will lure you.
Solve Marital Problems With Astrological Tips

Solve Marital Problems With Astrological Tips

It is a general trend that maximum jokes are cracked on marriages. When one gets married, guy’s friends always warn him to not get married. But, apart from jokes, marriage is a very sacred relation that links two souls together for lifetime. But, sometimes post marriage life becomes difficult due to fights, misunderstanding and trust issues. There can be numerous reasons for such problems like behavioral difference, black magic or graha dosha. Astrologer Kanpur can provide appropriate reasons for marital problems by researching the couple’s birth chart.

Sometimes, people get annoyed with these problems and decide to get divorced, but these complications can be solved with astrological remedies. There is always a possible way to prevent the breaking of this sacred relation. If we talk about astrology then, there can be multiple situations when a couple may confront marital problems like:

  • It is usually seen that when the 2nd lord is afflicted in an individual’s birth chart, then he have lots of fights with friends and family. When the couple life is unsatisfactory the 7th lord is afflicted.If there is an amalgamation of the 6th lord with 7th lord, then there are fights and misunderstandings between the married life and hatred towards the partner. It usually happens that the fights go on for a longer duration that results in serious fights.
  • To Sort Out Problems One Should Search For The Solutions And Work On Them. You Can Recognize Problems By Following Way:
  • Search for solution of the problemDiscuss the problem with your partner rather than blaming each other. Never personalize the problems and avoid bringing in the previous life mistakes. Discuss only present issue.Never bring parents in your fights.
  • Astrological Remedies Can Help You A Lot In Solving These Problems. Let’s See What They Are:
  • For mesh and KanyaRashi- Mahalakshmi is their ruling goddess. They should worship her to eliminate the marital problems from life.For Rishabha and SimhaRashi, Astrologer Lucknow recommends chanting of Vishnu Sahasranaman mantra to get rid of marital glitches.For MithunaRashi, Astrologer Varanasi advises praying of Goddess Parvathi.For KatakaRashi, AdityaHridyam is helpful to keep yourself relaxed and cool.For VrishikaRashi, peace can be brought with the prayer of Dakshinamoorthy.For Dhanush and MakaraRashi, Hanuman prayer is recommended by astrologers.For Meena and ThulaRashi, astrologers recommend praying the planet mars.
  • One can also go for fasting, donations and hawans to get peace in marriage and life, chanting Ganpathi mantra is also helpful.
Why Do We Perform Shraadha Karma

Why Do We Perform Shraadha Karma

According to the religious scriptures of India, the first fortnight of the Ashwini nakshatra has been appointed for the purpose of karmic cleansing and performance of rituals and prayers for our ancestors and forefathers. This 15-day period is known as the Pitri paksha or the Mahalaya paksha. Efforts and spiritual works that lead to karmic cleansing fro begetting prosperity, happiness and a blissful state of those who have departed from the earth an d were related to us, are performed.

As per Sanatan Dharma, there are 16 Sanskaras during the lifetime of individual and also some rituals are carried out after the death of individuals. The journey takes place from birth to death and then form death to another birth, he cycle continues till a soul attains salvation. During the period between death and birth, the jeevatma undergoes a state of bodiless existence.

Sometimes, this state is not very pleasant for the soul due to debt of bad karmas and unfulfilled duties in lifetime. Thus, the bodiless ancestors stay in form of till their next birth. It is interesting to note that due to high level of attachment with family, the ancestor, when acquires body, takes birth in the very same family where he or she was born in previous birth. Thus, the lineage continues. However, the karmic debts of previous lives keep following the individual whether he or she is in body or in bodiless state.

Thus, for a simple understanding, it is said that we reap the fruits of actions of our ancestors in form of prosperity and misfortune as per their karmas (which are actually our own karmas in past births). During pitri paksha, when we perform rituals of daanam or donation and sharing, we get blissful results. These positive actions done in this special period bring us great benefits due to feeling of sharing and daanam associated with them. The peace that is bestowed within the hearts of recipients is directly transferred to ancestors to bring salvation.

In Garud Puraan , a detailed description of the journey is given alongside the remedial measures that can be taken for pacification of the problems.

In the 15-day period, the sarva-pitru amavasya or the new moon night has greatest significance. This day is also known as Mahalaya amavasya. The legend goes that when the churning of the primordial ocean was being done, many of the Rishis and Devas were killed by Rakshasas on this day. Thus, this day is specifically dedicated to them. Doing a Tarpan on this day holds great significance and helps to resolve karmic debts of ancestors.

The souls of our ancestors are said to be closest to the earth on the day of sarv-pitru amavasya. Yamraj, the lord of death has given boon to humans due to prayers of Karna that anyone who would do prayers, Tarpan and perform Shraadh karma for the peace and wellness of their ancestors on this day would bring peace and exaltation of their ancestors.

In normal case, the Shraadha of an ancestor is done in the name of the person who left on a particular date. However, in case one is not aware of the date on which any ancestor left, then sarv pitru amavasya comes to the rescue of the person. It can be done for all departed souls whether they were children, females, childless or ancestors who have died unnatural deaths.

Performing the Pitri pooja on this day, also helps in the pacification of pitri rin an even pitra dosha. The Indian subcontinent or Jambudweep as it is mentioned in the scriptures has a plethora of shakti spots or pitra mukti sthaans. These places are having energy grid where remedy or Tarpan actions, Arghya, Shraadh are directly accepted by relevant forces of nature. These include Badrinath, Gaya, Rameshwaram, Kaashi, Poovalur.

The easiest to perform amongst all rituals is Trapan and it can and should be done throughout the pitru paksha. Water is taken along with rice grains, black sesame seedsin ones hand; one should stand facing the south (after taking bath) and pour the water in the name of the ancestors. Food should also be prepared for crow, cow, dog and Brahmin or a saintly figure on this day. The energy of the Pitras gets liberated with the help of these rites and rituals on this day. Basically, any act of kindness towards beings is of great significance and its effect is directly transmitted to ancestor that help s them to make a peaceful journey ahead.

It is believed when you help your ancestors with rituals and rites done in this way, they send you back blessings and positive energies that help bestow peace, prosperity and happiness in the household.

In order to get more information regarding Shraadha karma or find solution of problems that are present in your horoscope, contact famous astrologer ji here.

How Your Health Gets Affected By Planets

How Your Health Gets Affected By Planets

Did you ever wonder the powerful impact the planets have on your health? Whether someone would fall prey to drug addictions or substance abuse is also indicated in your horoscope.

Never have we paid attention to the complex cosmic factors that influence our health.

Let us see in the simplest manner how various planets affect our well-being and health.

When bad aspects like a square or an opposition are formed amongst planets.

The malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto when they are placed in inauspicious houses like the 6th house, 8th and the 12th house are responsible.When malefic planets are present in the following signs like Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.When malefic planets are present in the ascendants sign like the place of body, mind or soul.When ascendant, Moon and Sun all are affected by malefic conjunctions; death can occur.

The association of horoscope planets with certain body parts:

  • Sun: Eyes, Sun stroke, Blood circulation, Spinal cord
  • Moon: Mania, motions, chest and Respiratory tract diseases, uterus
  • Mercury: Digestive system, nerves, mouth, tongue, speech related problems.
  • Venus: Neck, throat, cheeks, reproductive organs.
  • Mars: Forehead, nose, muscles, accidents, fevers, electric shocks, hemorrhage, burns, cuts.Jupiter: Pancreas, Liver, blood vessels, obesity, buttocks.
  • Saturn: General debility, bony structure, dry hair, rheumatism, chronic diseases.
  • Rahu:/leprosy, cancer, diseases of spleen, poisoning.
  • Ketu: hypertension, lunatic behavior, allergies, mysterious diseases.
  • Uranus: central nervous system, Arteries, accidents, unknown diseases.
  • Neptune: epilepsy, Psychotic diseases, drug addictions, drowning, delusions, insomnia.
  • Pluto: Diseases present by birth, diseases that occur doe to exposure to radiation, venereal diseases.

If someone is prone to substance abuse (drug addiction), malefic Saturn and Rahu are considered responsible for the condition. Helping the person in making a strong resolve is the way out of such addictions. Chanting the mantra ‘Om Sham Shanaishcharaaya namah’ should be done by the person.

Maha Navaratri Festival Dedicated To Worship Of Nav Durga

Maha Navaratri Festival Dedicated To Worship Of Nav Durga

The festival of Navratris which literally means ‘nine nights’ would be celebrated again this year as Shaaradiya navratris beginning from October 1 to October 10 in 2016. This time the Navratris are carrying special significance and if you do ‘poojan’ of goddess this time, you would be bestowed with special benefits in spontaneously. It is really a good time to call upon the blessings of the Divine Feminine Energy in this shaaradiya navtrari poojan.

This time, the planetary combinations form auspicious combinations that would be witnessed nearly after 350 years. Auspiciousness is evident by increase of one navratri day in this particular navratri.

Traditionally, Navratri is an occasion that has nine nights and ten days where special saadhna is done along with fasting. This results in purification of body and mind. This prepares the human body frame to tackle the onset of seasonal change from autumn to winter. Fasting helps to detoxify the body provided it is done in the right manner.

The chanting of various mantras of devi help the devotee to get in touch with his or her own internal realms of energy and strengthens the aura and mind. The shaaradiya navratri are considered especially auspicious. After the poojan for nine nights and 10 days, the culmination finally occurs into Vijaydashmi. This day again has a special significance in Hindu calendar.

  • On the very first day of navratri, invocation of the goddess is done and then devi is dwelled in the form of ‘ghat’ by doing ‘ghatsthapana’ at a auspicious time known as ‘muhurta’. Navratri is a festival that is amongst the most popular ones. It is celebrated in most of the states of India with their peculiar customs and rituals.
  • In Gujarat, Garba is the traditional dance that is done to mark Navratris. This is traditional dance where goddess in remembered through devotional songs and group dance is done and youth are especially crazy about it.
  • In West Bengal, Goddess Durga is worshipped in the last three days of Navratris and this is known as known as ‘Durga Saptami’, ‘Durga Ashtmi’ and ‘Durga Navami’.
  • Arrival of Durga on first day of pratipada is said to be on a horse when the first day of navratri begins on Saturday or Tuesday. It is said to indicate a forthcoming war amongst nations.
  • Arrival Of Devi is said to be on elephant when pratipada falls on a Sunday or a Monday. This indicates a plentiful rainfall.
  • When Pratipada falls on a Thursday and Friday, Devi is said to ascend to earth in a palanquin.

When Pratipada falls on Wednesday, goddess is said to arrive on a boat.

  • On the first day of Pratipada, Ghatasthapana is done and worship of Devi Shailputri is carried out.
  • The color of this day is Grey.
  • (1st October)On second day, (Pratipada continued), Chandra darshan or sighting of the moon is done and the color of this day is orange.
  • (2nd October)Third day is the day of Brahmcharini Puja.
  • The color of the day is white.
  • (3rd October)- DwitiyaFourth day belongs to Chandraghanta pooja.
  • The color is red.
  • (4th October) (Tritiya).
  • Fifth day belongs to Kushmanda Devi.
  • Varad Vinaayak Chauth also befalls on this day.
  • The color of the day is Royal Blue.
  • (5th October)Sixth day is the Panchami or the Skandmata pooja.
  • The color of the day is yellow.
  • (6th October)The pooja on the seventh day or is called Saraswati Awahan or Katayayani pooja.
  • The color of the day is green.
  • (7th October)The eight day is the Kalratri pooja and this is also known as Saptami.
  • The color of the day is peacock color.
  • (8th October)The ninth day is the Mahagauri Pooja or the Sandhi pooja.
  • This is also known as Durga ashtami.
  • The color of day is purple color.
  • (9th October)The tenth day of the Navratris is known as Navami.
  • And this day is also known as Maha Navmi or Ayudha puja.
  • (10th October)Dashami Parana: would be celebrated on 11th October.
  • Durga poojan or Vijay dashami are the other names of the day.

Each of color assigned to the days is that correlating to the Navgrahas. Women adorn themselves in these various colors on different days and at nights Garba is performed.

It is worth noting that Navratris are dedicated to Feminine Form of Divine. So much so, on the eighth and the ninth days of navratris (ashtami or navami), culmination takes place in the form of ‘Kanya pooja’. This means young girls are considered as form of Devi and worshipped on this day. This day also teaches our society the importance of girl child and feminine power.

The importance of women empowerment is subtly hidden in navratris and we, as individuals need to acknowledge and realize this.

Advantages Of Wearing Gomed Stone

Advantages Of Wearing Gomed Stone

Gomed belongs to the garnet family of gemstones. A Gomed stone is full of energies that are associated with the shadowy planet Rahu and helps to correct malefic effects of this planet.

  • It is said that this stone is especially powerful in this age called kaliyug.
  • It is associated with transmitting the coldest of cosmic rays.
  • Gomed stone is said to nullify the ‘kaalsarp dosha’. In case a native finds this gemstone suitable, it helps to miraculously remedy the effects of sarpadosha that is due to curse of serpents.
  • Individuals who have a dominant Rahu in their horoscope may time and again experience delirium and confusion. The Gomed stone helps such individuals to develop clarity of mind and again a balance of temper and enhance their level of mental peace.

Maintanence of Good Health

Gomed has the properties to cure problems due to Rahu and also Kaalsarp dosha. People who experience troubles due to these issues may recover suddenly by wearing a Gomed stone.
Individuals who are involved in politics or n public commissions get bestowed with luck that makes them more fortunate to get more wealth and power.

Improvement of Relations

Rahu’s position in a native’s chart causes a person to develop a tendency for developing drug abuse and issues in personal and professional relations.

Restoring confidence

The Gomed gemstone helps to vanquish fears and deep-seated complexes. This helps in restoring the confidence of individuals.

Protection form negativity and evil eye

Evil eye syndrome, bad hexes and black magic are remove d with the help of Gomed stone.

Gomed gemstone helps to face fears

This gemstone helps people to win against enemies and emerge as winners in the difficult situations of life. It also helps individuals to tackle problems without nay feeling of fear and take on challenges of life with great confidence.

In case, you are looking or expert guidance on how the Gomed Stone can actually help you, you may contact us.

How Astrology Helps You Take The Right Career Decision

How Astrology Helps You Take The Right Career Decision

Are you planning to make a smart move in your professional life? If yes, then don’t worry, you’re not alone! Thousands of people are looking for a job change, but amongst them, there are several people who are seeking for a career move. The reason behind it could be anything. May be they are not satisfied with their current job or they have issues with their employer or they get fed up from same job routine or office politics.

How important is evaluating the area of Interest?

Switching your career is not a major thing, as long as you are going in a profession that suits both your skills and abilities. However if you are confused where to go and which profession to choose, Vedic astrology can help. It helps you know your area of interest and analyze the potential so you can achieve success in your field. Let’s say if you have flair of writing, then there is no point of doing job in sales or marketing; instead you should focus on becoming a good content writer. Thus, it becomes important to realize your strengths and weaknesses before taking any decision. Doing a job without any interest may ruin your career and may not allow you to experience the taste of success.

How Career Astrology helps you in guiding a career of your choice?

Choosing a career as per the astrology report requires your birth chart to make best decision of your professional life. It helps you know your area of specification and future possibilities to grow in the same.

When you are not able to handle your job and you think it is sucking your life, better to look for ways instead of quieting it. If you have a bad boss or fed up with the regular office politics and you can’t see any positive side of it, it is always advised to approach the famous astrologer in India. An astrologer looks into your birth chart and suggests you with the right approach to follow to get rid of all the challenges. No matter how difficult your life becomes, you have to handle it carefully and deal with a positive approach. Astrology takes you on the right path of success.

Believe it or not, if you have a job that keeps your interest high, you will definitely fall in love with your job. Else, you may not be able to complete your work on time and you continue to neglect it day after day. Astrology helps you know your career goals and ways to achieve it. It helps you know where you will be after 15 years; it gives you a rough idea about what will happen to your job in the years to come.

How To Cure Manglik Dosha

How To Cure Manglik Dosha

Astrology is a wonderful science or rather art. It incorporates the study of the positions of the planets and the star signs. Astrology studies the effects of planets on the lives of people. In Vedic Astrology, five planets are considered to be cruel as they have bad effects on the lives of people which they govern. These are Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu. Mars is one planet which is said to have the most severe effects on the birth horoscope of a person. It is especially harmful to married life if it is placed in an unfavorable position.

Mangal Dosha is said to be created when Mars is located in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or the twelfth house in the Kundali. Mangal Dosha should be checked in Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, and Venus Chart. A person under the influence of this Dosha is said to be Manglik. Mangal Dosha is also known by the names of Kuja Dosha and Bhauma Dosha. If none of the three charts is affected by Mars then the person is Non-Manglik.

Let us now have a look at some important characteristics of Mangal Dosha:

Person of any sex can be Manglik. Mars is a symbol of respect, self-esteem, ego and energy. A person under the impact of this Dosha has a short temper. Manglik people face difficulties in adjusting with their partners. Manglik people possess tremendous energy like that of fire. This energy must be channelized in the right direction otherwise, it might lead to destruction. Mangal Dosha affects the marital bliss and mental state. It also leads to financial loss.The effects of the planet are nullified if the person is born on a Tuesday.Two Manglik people married to each other nullify each other’s effects. Manglik Dosh Effects:

Let us now see how the planet affects the Mangle’s when located in different houses:

When located in the first house:
In this situation, Mars affects the married life negatively leading to conflicts and sometimes physical assaults and violence. The end result would be stress, tension or even divorce.

When located in the second house:
Here the family life is affected. Obstructions in the professional or married life might also be created.

When located in the fourth house:
In this situation, the maximum impact would be on the professional front. Such a person will not be successful and will keep on switching jobs. There will be financial troubles.

When located in the seventh house:
Such a person is full of energy and is short-tempered. He or she will not be able to maintain good relations with family members. He or she would have a dominating nature and would dictate his or her partner.

When located in the eighth house:
Such a person has a lazy attitude and will not enjoy the support of his elders.

When located in the twelfth house:
Such people suffer from mental problems and financial losses. They even have enemies.

Manglik Dosh Remedy :

  • Two Mangliks can get married to each other as this would nullify the impact of the planet on both of them.
  • Chanting the Navagraha mantra and Hanuman Chalisa is a good way to correct the Dosha.
  • Kumbh Vivah is one of the most popular and effective remedies of Mangal Dosha.
  • This type of marriage involves getting the Manglik person married to an urn or a tree hence nullifying the effects of the Dosha.
  • The intensity of the Dosha decreases with age.
  • Hence Manglik people should marry after the age of 28.
  • Wearing a gold ring studded with red coral on the ring finger of the right hand is another great remedy.
  • Mangliks should keep a fast on Tuesdays and should eat only Toor dal during the fast.
  • Pooja should be performed and Lord Hanuman temples should be visited on Tuesdays.
  • This will cease the ill-effect of the Dosha.Donating and offering contributions on Tuesdays is another great idea.
  • These things are those that are used to please Mars and include foods made of red lentil daal, wheat bread, red silk, knives or swords and red stones such as corals.
  • Offering sweets or jaggery and red flowers to Lord Ganesha everyday is another very good remedy.
  • Small animals and birds should be fed with grains and sweets.
  • Sundar Kand from the Tulsi Ramcharitmanas can be chanted 40 days continuously daily.
  • It will give great results.
  • Reciting Mahamrityunjaya mantra will provide very effective results.
Vastu Shastra Tips For An Effective Study Room

Vastu Shastra Tips For An Effective Study Room

According to our Vedic astrologer in India, it is very important to place right things at the right place in the study room, as it can really affects the concentration of your child. It happens several times that even after putting so much hard work; your child didn’t get the expected results and you keep on wondering why it happens? Well, the solution to such kinds of problems has been given by our elders in Vastu Shastra.

Here, we are mentioning some vastu shastra consultant that can help your child to achieve the desired results in their studies. The placement of study room should be made in directions, which are considered suitable for a study room. It helps your child to focus and put 100% concentration on study.

Vastu Tips for locating study table

It should be facing east or north side.It should be placed at some distance from the wall.Your child should sit facing the east or north direction.Study table should be of square or rectangular shape.Study table should be medium size.There shouldn’t be a lot of books on study table.

Effective Vastu Shastra Tips for a convenient Study Room

The study room should be facing north, east or the north-east direction of the house. It helps your child to concentrate properly.The computer in the study room should be placed in the south east direction.While sleeping, the head of your child should be towards east or south direction. East direction helps your child to easily grasp the things, where the south direction helps in maintaining the right amount of balance of the body. Also, you need to make sure that there is no bed in the study room, as it can bring laziness in your child.There shouldn’t be any television in the study room, as it can break your child’s concentration from study. There shouldn’t be any mirror reflection in the room.While reading, students must sit facing towards east or north direction.Windows should be constructed in east, west or north wall direction.Don’t allow your child to study under a beam.The study room should be noise free.There shouldn’t be any toilet on the floor above or below the room.If your child has a habit of studying under the light lamp, it should be placed in south-east side.