Advantages Of Wearing Gomed Stone

Gomed belongs to the garnet family of gemstones. A Gomed stone is full of energies that are associated with the shadowy planet Rahu and helps to correct malefic effects of this planet.

  • It is said that this stone is especially powerful in this age called kaliyug.
  • It is associated with transmitting the coldest of cosmic rays.
  • Gomed stone is said to nullify the ‘kaalsarp dosha’. In case a native finds this gemstone suitable, it helps to miraculously remedy the effects of sarpadosha that is due to curse of serpents.
  • Individuals who have a dominant Rahu in their horoscope may time and again experience delirium and confusion. The Gomed stone helps such individuals to develop clarity of mind and again a balance of temper and enhance their level of mental peace.

Maintanence of Good Health

Gomed has the properties to cure problems due to Rahu and also Kaalsarp dosha. People who experience troubles due to these issues may recover suddenly by wearing a Gomed stone.
Individuals who are involved in politics or n public commissions get bestowed with luck that makes them more fortunate to get more wealth and power.

Improvement of Relations

Rahu’s position in a native’s chart causes a person to develop a tendency for developing drug abuse and issues in personal and professional relations.

Restoring confidence

The Gomed gemstone helps to vanquish fears and deep-seated complexes. This helps in restoring the confidence of individuals.

Protection form negativity and evil eye

Evil eye syndrome, bad hexes and black magic are remove d with the help of Gomed stone.

Gomed gemstone helps to face fears

This gemstone helps people to win against enemies and emerge as winners in the difficult situations of life. It also helps individuals to tackle problems without nay feeling of fear and take on challenges of life with great confidence.

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