Solve Marital Problems With Astrological Tips

It is a general trend that maximum jokes are cracked on marriages. When one gets married, guy’s friends always warn him to not get married. But, apart from jokes, marriage is a very sacred relation that links two souls together for lifetime. But, sometimes post marriage life becomes difficult due to fights, misunderstanding and trust issues. There can be numerous reasons for such problems like behavioral difference, black magic or graha dosha. Astrologer Kanpur can provide appropriate reasons for marital problems by researching the couple’s birth chart.

Sometimes, people get annoyed with these problems and decide to get divorced, but these complications can be solved with astrological remedies. There is always a possible way to prevent the breaking of this sacred relation. If we talk about astrology then, there can be multiple situations when a couple may confront marital problems like:

  • It is usually seen that when the 2nd lord is afflicted in an individual’s birth chart, then he have lots of fights with friends and family. When the couple life is unsatisfactory the 7th lord is afflicted.If there is an amalgamation of the 6th lord with 7th lord, then there are fights and misunderstandings between the married life and hatred towards the partner. It usually happens that the fights go on for a longer duration that results in serious fights.
  • To Sort Out Problems One Should Search For The Solutions And Work On Them. You Can Recognize Problems By Following Way:
  • Search for solution of the problemDiscuss the problem with your partner rather than blaming each other. Never personalize the problems and avoid bringing in the previous life mistakes. Discuss only present issue.Never bring parents in your fights.
  • Astrological Remedies Can Help You A Lot In Solving These Problems. Let’s See What They Are:
  • For mesh and KanyaRashi- Mahalakshmi is their ruling goddess. They should worship her to eliminate the marital problems from life.For Rishabha and SimhaRashi, Astrologer Lucknow recommends chanting of Vishnu Sahasranaman mantra to get rid of marital glitches.For MithunaRashi, Astrologer Varanasi advises praying of Goddess Parvathi.For KatakaRashi, AdityaHridyam is helpful to keep yourself relaxed and cool.For VrishikaRashi, peace can be brought with the prayer of Dakshinamoorthy.For Dhanush and MakaraRashi, Hanuman prayer is recommended by astrologers.For Meena and ThulaRashi, astrologers recommend praying the planet mars.
  • One can also go for fasting, donations and hawans to get peace in marriage and life, chanting Ganpathi mantra is also helpful.

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