Vastu Shastra Tips For An Effective Study Room

According to our Vedic astrologer in India, it is very important to place right things at the right place in the study room, as it can really affects the concentration of your child. It happens several times that even after putting so much hard work; your child didn’t get the expected results and you keep on wondering why it happens? Well, the solution to such kinds of problems has been given by our elders in Vastu Shastra.

Here, we are mentioning some vastu shastra consultant that can help your child to achieve the desired results in their studies. The placement of study room should be made in directions, which are considered suitable for a study room. It helps your child to focus and put 100% concentration on study.

Vastu Tips for locating study table

It should be facing east or north side.It should be placed at some distance from the wall.Your child should sit facing the east or north direction.Study table should be of square or rectangular shape.Study table should be medium size.There shouldn’t be a lot of books on study table.

Effective Vastu Shastra Tips for a convenient Study Room

The study room should be facing north, east or the north-east direction of the house. It helps your child to concentrate properly.The computer in the study room should be placed in the south east direction.While sleeping, the head of your child should be towards east or south direction. East direction helps your child to easily grasp the things, where the south direction helps in maintaining the right amount of balance of the body. Also, you need to make sure that there is no bed in the study room, as it can bring laziness in your child.There shouldn’t be any television in the study room, as it can break your child’s concentration from study. There shouldn’t be any mirror reflection in the room.While reading, students must sit facing towards east or north direction.Windows should be constructed in east, west or north wall direction.Don’t allow your child to study under a beam.The study room should be noise free.There shouldn’t be any toilet on the floor above or below the room.If your child has a habit of studying under the light lamp, it should be placed in south-east side.

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