Vastu Tips For Health And Wealth

Everyone wants to become rich. But this is something that is not easy to achieve. Some people are born lucky, while others have to struggle hard to earn more & save more. It may take several years to become rich, since there is no direct shortcut to it. So, what is the solution to get rid of this poorness? Would you keep struggling for whole of your life like you’re doing?

Yes, may be!

But the answer should be a big NO.

With the advent of the world, people are becoming smarter. They are doing everything to keep themselves healthy and wealthy. Even if they have to use astrology services to overcome the problems within a shortest period of time, they don’t think twice. People simply prefer to look for the best astrology services in India and thus, get the effective solution to get rid of the problem.

Health Wealth Vastu Shastra Tips

Astrology also suggests some vastu tips to gain money & get rich. One who follows these vastu tips honestly will be able to avail its benefits in least possible time. So, what exactly vastu tips are? What is its sole aim? Let’s discuss about it first before getting on the vastu tips.

The sole and primary aim of vastu tips for wealth is to keep the Lord Kuber happy throughout the day. It is generally believed that the lord Kuber shower his blessings with all the health and wealth when he gets impressed with all those people who tries to keep him happy.

Now, the question arises, how to keep him happy?

Well, the answer is quite simple; just follow the vastu tips honestly. Here we have mentioned few vastu guidelines you can consider following to gin wealth and become rich:

Never ever think to keep the cash locker under the influence of any beam, since it impacts your financial stability and causes stress on every family member.Never ever take a dig on swimming pool lower than the normal ground level.Keep the cash locker near to the south or south west side, as it allows the Kuber to keep your cash locker full of money every time.Try to keep a mirror in front of the Cash locker or cash almirah. This shows a reflection of the same in the mirror and hence, your finance stability gets 2 times stronger.It’s considered best to keep the north east side open and clutter free, since it helps to bring wealth in your life. Try to avoid placing machinery in the same place.Make sure to feed the grains and water to birds.Make sure to have a purple color plant at your home. Purple color is a symbol of wealth; hence it welcomes the wealth to your life. However if it is hard to get the purple color plant, try to keep a money plant at your home.Bring fish aquarium to your home and keep it in the north east portion of lobby.Keep the windows and home doors clean and clear. Dirtiness obstructs the path of money.
So, these are few vastu guidelines.

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