Chant This Vashikaran Mantra to Control Your Husband

Vashikaran Tips To Control Husband, Do you have a fear that your husband might get attracted to another female? Do you have a problem with your husband’s behavior towards your in-laws? Ever felt that your husband ignore your wishes and shopping yearnings? Do you expect more from your husband in bed?

Vashikaran Tips To Control Husband

Well, then you have landed on the right webpage. Because in this article we are going to give you Vashikaran tips that would help you to gain more control over your husband. Once you use these vashikaran tactics and tips, your husband would get biased. Would develop a positive inclination towards you, no matter what you do. He will start admiring your all natural aspects even though he was less impressed by them earlier.

Are you worried that some other lady might charm your husband? Do you have that anxious feeling that he would lose interest in you over some time? If the answer is yes, then the potential threat of infidelity to your family might be stressing you out a lot. But you don’t need to worry anymore. Here is our vashikaran tip number 1 to control your husband:

Parvati Mata is considered to be another form of Rati, a feminine sensual almighty of love. Who is also called as Aphrodite according to western culture? If you pray to her, she will solve all your problems.

You have performed this ritual every Wednesday. As the sun sets, you have to visit Mata Parvati in her temple. If you have a company of your husband then well and good, but even if he doesn’t or can’t accompany you, it is still okay. Make sure each Wednesday, you have to wear red saree with red blouse, mangalsutra, and sindoor.

Make five rounds to Maata Parvati’s idol (murti). Do not forget to chime the bell when you enter the temple. Make sure entire duration, you have your saree pallu covering your head portion. This depicts total respect for maata. Offer a coconut, fistful of rice, kumkum and a blouse piece to maata. After you perform the pooja, take some of the rice, raise your both hands and put the rice back.

You have to do it seven times. Apply tilak from mandir. Carry Prasad to your home. And make sure your husband has that Prasad.

In some families, wives feel distressed when they think their husbands mistreat them compared her in-laws. It could be the parents of the husband. Sometimes it’s the siblings of her husband especially sisters.

Many married women feel left out. They think their husbands pay more attention and give more preference to the wives in-laws than the wife. This problem can be solved using our next tip. Here’s tip number 2 to control your husband:

There are many astrological remedies where you have to wear many expensive gemstones. Even the ring to has specific requirements which again adds up to your expenses. But this tip is straightforward and easy. It is solely based on a person’s devotion towards the god almighty.

You merely have to wear a stone/crystal which is green in color. That’s it. And if you could, try to make sure that your ring is in silver tone. Silver-tone takes care of the aspect of life in which in-laws are there. It would help to calm down your in-laws.

It would bring out a positive change in their behavior. The green colored stone/crystal is associated with your bond with your husband. It helps in to strengthen it. So, whenever your husband has to choose between you and your in-laws, odds would always be in your favor.

There are times in a woman’s life when she feels that she might settle for a little more pampering from her husband. You might have a desire to do a lot of shopping without having any restraints.

Also, you might want more surprises from your husband to feel special and loved. You want that crispness back in your married life. Well, then Here’s our vashikaran tip number 3 to control a husband:

To get unexpected favors, surprises and pampering you need always to be exciting and unique. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Here’s a particular mantra: ‘om namami Annapurna.’ Chat this while cooking as well as serving the food.

Annapurna is a goddess of cuisine and cookery. When you express your admiration to her, she will undoubtedly bestow you with her blessings. Make sure you chant this mantra for at least 21 times during each meal. You need to perform this ritual for 21 days.

You will start seeing the fantastic results once you have completed the 21 days. Your husband would start valuing you more. He would be more concerned about your choices, your likings, dislikings, and your overall happiness.

Sometimes you feel, your husband could love you more in bed. Give you more satisfaction than he does. In such cases, this tip will help you. Here’s our vashikaran tip number 4 to control a husband:

In the case of stree vastra (clothes of a woman) has a tremendous effect on the husband. Especially when it comes to sensual pleasures. This time again you will have reach maata Parvati, the incarnation of Rati.

Prayers to Maata (mother) Parvati are proven to very useful to many women. You have to perform this ritual on five Fridays. Friday means Shukrawar. Shukra is associated with masculinity. This would impact your husband’s behavior positively, in your favor in bed.

You have to carry two new sarees to maata Parvati, perform the pooja. Make sure you keep both sarees in your Puja thaali. Red color or any color having red shade do best. For example, orange, pink, magenta, crimson, cherry, etc.

donate one saree in the temple. Carry the second one to home. You have to wear this vastra (cloth) when you go to bed. Make sure it comes in physical contact with your husband. Once the fabric touches your husband, it would work magic. Then things would happen the way you want, any longer you want.

These 4 Vashikaran tips are so powerful that you would start seeing the results the day you start applying them. You will realize you are gaining more and more control of your husband.

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