Remedy to Stop Extra Marital Relations of Husband

Mantras To Stop Extra Marital Affairs Of Husband is a strong remedies to solve husband extra marital affairs problems. We also provide you vashikaran and astro remedies to end the husband illegal affairs.

How terrible the feeling is when you realize that your husband has an extramarital affair? Many women go through this feeling. And these things have to stop immediately.

Mantras To Stop Extra Marital Affairs Of Husband

Because infidelity has been the reason for many destroyed families, it can also lead to a dispute between the husband and wife and hence affecting the children. It is an awful exposure when your children are underage.

Above all these repercussions, the heartbreak of the woman is the most painful things. Getting cheated upon by a boyfriend during teenage is way different than having a husband that is guilty of infidelity.

This has to stop. If you want to put an end to it, you can use a mantra to stop extramarital affairs of husband, as given below:

‘Dharmami karmami dharmscha
Kuamam bhavati bhavatah
Subha kurami karmascha
Bhuvan karomi dhavata’

Write this mantra to stop extramarital affairs of husband on a piece of paper and always keep it with you. Either you are at home or out, you must carry this folded piece of paper. And remember, do not tie this anywhere on your body, do not keep inside a bag or a purse. You have to carry it in your hand always. You have to take it like this at least 3 hours a day.

Do not let it get wet. Suppose your palms get sweaty or many due to some other reason, it gets wet, immediately create a new piece of paper within 3.3 mins and hold it in your hand. Also, make sure, during these 3 hours, you do not let that piece of paper fall out of your hand.

Remedies For Husband Extramarital Affairs Problems

The following ritual is one of the best remedies for husband extramarital affairs problems. You have to perform this when your husband is not at home. If you could do this at night, then well and good but in case, you can’t then do it inside a room that has no light source.

While performing it, first of all, you need to take a bath. Do not use any material that gives a fragrance. This bath is only for cleansing your body so do not use soap, body wash, shampoo, etc.

Now, you can choose to do this when nobody is at home. According to the shastras, for most of the remedies for husband extramarital affairs problems, you have to perform it in in a completely natural condition after your bath. That means, you can’t dry yourself, you can’t wear anything.

But practically for many women, it is not possible. So merely dry yourself and cover yourself with a single piece of cloth. It could be a towel or even a saree. Make sure your saree should not have any embroidery or reflecting elements. Any variety of enhancements is prohibited in this act.

You are not supposed to tie your hair. And the entire ritual has to perform in a standing position. Write this mantra down on a piece of white paper:

‘Pitrudevam mahabhagam
Sudha shanti virajate
Shad bhavami pritehma
Karo me pujya virajate’

Make sure you have one yellow color candle lit in your room. Stand in a corner and start chanting this mantra.

Vashikaran For A Husband To Leave Extramarital Affairs

When your husband has an extramarital affair, it is a very unpleasant feeling. There is a solution to it. You can do vashikaran for a husband to leave extramarital affairs. Here is the vashikaran mantra for you:

‘Shubhami chandra dekheva
Subha shanti karo chayaha
Namah kru tahi pujyante
Shubhu mantri karo swayaha.’

You have to write this vashikaran mantra on a black color paper. If you do not have a black paper, you can spread kajal on a white paper and make it black.

Now either you can scratch on it or write with white ink. Likewise, write the vashikaran mantra on that paper. Make the letters as much small as you can. Also, fold it and make it as little as you can.

Always be barefoot when performing vashikaran for a husband to leave extramarital affairs. Now find an orange thread, and you have to measure a diameter of your upper arm.

Take a three times length of that thread, and you can make a necklace on which you can use that folded paper as a pendant.

Don’t worry, ti wouldn’t look weird, and after all, you don’t have to wear it displaying to anyone. No one should know that you are wearing it. So you will always keep in covered inside your clothes.

Now, the method of making a pendant is straightforward. You have to take another black color thread and bind that paper tightly. Tie the longer orange color thread with this black color thread to make the pendant hand to the orange color thread.

Astro Remedies For How To End The Husband Illegal Affairs

You might get into a deep sorrow when you realize that your husband is getting romantically involved with other women. But you don’t have to worry. There are astro remedies for how to end the husband illegal affairs quickly.

You have to visit maharani temple thrice a week. Matarani is very kind and understanding. She will heal your emotional injury and grant your husband a sense that he should not attempt such kind of immoral acts.

Do not wear any metal when you go visit matarani in her temple. Always carry some fruits and a piece of cloths to offer to matarani.

You have to pay the visit to the temple as a married woman so that matarani can help you solve your marriage problems. Put on kumkum/sindoor, wear full bangles, cover your head face with your saree pallu. Do not show your face to any male persons once you are out of your home to visit the temple till you get back home.

There are sarees in the market which has a semi transparent material or an open pallu which you can use to see through while your pallu is still covering your face.

Carry your pooja thali with you. Many astro remedies for how to end the husband illegal affairs include usage this following mantra:

‘Subhami chandra mukhyava
Shubham chadro ka vanchita
Chutami be kandra mukheva
Chamat baki lubo chita’

You have to chant this mantra in front of matarani while performing your regular puja. Make sure your clothes do not have a white as well as black color at all.

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