How To Control A Person By Lal Kitab Remedies

How To Control A Person By Lal Kitab Remedies

It is said that problems do not come by telling, and many times the problems are imposed not by themselves but from others. But if remedies are taken with pure mind and faith, then problems are easily eradicated.

Some people suddenly face a crisis; some people have been facing crises for years. It is believed that the causes of distress are the bad effects of Pitridosh, Kalasarp Dosh. And Saturn’s half-and-half and planetary constellations. Lal Kitab remedies are very effective for overcoming obstacles, sabotage effect, money loss or physical pain, etc.

Lal Kitab Remedies To Control A Person

It has to be adopted with pure mind and faith. There are many ways to get rid of such trouble in the laal Kitab, which not only frees you from the problems. But also paves new ways for you with the relief of troubles.

However, some scholars say that there is an account of all karma. If you start improving your karma, everything starts improving. But according to lal Kitab remedies here, you can tell you some precautions and remedies. With the help of a lal Kitab, you can get complete planet information about the planet of a person.

If lal Kitab remedies are done with full devotion, then all the miseries of the person are destroyed immediately. And good luck arises. Let us know some of the best remedies of lal Kitab to control a person.

  • Lal Kitab vashikaran totke
  • Women vashikaran
  • Men vashikaran
  • Children vashikaran
  • Boyfriend vashikaran
  • Girlfriend vashikaran
  • Enemy vashikaran

It is very easy to control women by vashikaran. If you want to control, women take a little wheat flour and red cloth. Then make a swastika on that cloth. And then write the name of women under the swastika with the same flour write it down.

After that, chant the mantra given below 551 times. And after that, make a pudding with the same flour and feed the women. In some time, she will be under your control.

”ॐ कलीम कृष्णाय नमः ”

What Is Men vashikaran

If your man loves any other woman except you and does not talk to you well, we will tell you a very simple trick. In this, after 12 o clock in the night, you cut a little hair of that man. Then after that, burn those hair and crush it with your feet. Soon he will fall in love with you.

How To Control Children

If you are troubled by a child, then to control it, take seven cinnamon seeds and two small cardamoms and put them in a paper. And close than paper and that paper Keep that baby under the bed for three days

How To Control Girlfriend

If your girlfriend does not listen to you or does not agree, then to control her, we can tame her by chocolate, first of all, we will take chocolate and a photo of your girlfriend.

After that, turn that chocolate in the direction of 121 fans from that photo and then chant the mantra given below. And after that, the chocolate will feed her girlfriend. After eating the chocolate, she will be entirely under your control, and Will listen to everything.

ॐ नमो नाराणाय सर्व लोकान मम वषय कुरु कुरु स्वहा