Featured Husband Wife Love Problem Solution

Husband Wife Love Problem Solution

Husband wife marriage life problems & their solutions:-

As on marriage, you everybody is aware about it. You all the people who are married or not, knows that what the situation is or will be more or less. But after all that knowing maximum or many of the couple suffer for marriage life problems, whatever it is a tough or light, hard or easy. In that case, problems are of various types, like some time-

  • Mentality,
  • Adjustment,
  • Change of behavior,
  • Lack of love making,
  • Sexual,
  • Unnecessary affairs,
  • Less control in relationship,
  • Discipline less relationship carrying methods,
  • Over smartness,
  • Looks,
  • Misunderstandings,
  • Immatureness,
  • Physical issues,
  • Culture & background,
  • Ego,
  • Traditions,
  • Lack of time to give each other,
  • Various family issues also which are not really related to any two of them,
  • Carelessness
  • Lack of Love

And ect. But yes, among all of them, if some couples having any problems, then some couple manages it and keeps moving forward with a lesson, some fails & some also don’t even try to recover or resolve it; they just want to go away from it.

Here, firstly, look, a marriage life or UN married couple life is a very specious, beautiful, supporting; lively & other all goodness which can be dependent in a relationship, all is here. So, keep losing it or make nonsense or immature steps about that are totally bullshitt. Those kinds of people are really real idiots, or bad. So, if you don’t want to carry a relationship can’t to make sense in it, so why you proposing someone or promising “yes” to it. If this is all about physical intimacy or sex then stop take a pause on that time, and think, that to marry someone or to be with someone, whatever a beautiful/good looking person or persona, only for sex is totally bullshitt. Make sense into your nonsense brain and make understand that emotional relationship and mentally attachment is a very much big concept and carries much interdependency and dedications than your one or two time sex. Then why are you doing this, why to heart any other’s emotion. There are other many way to have sex or to make any nonsense kind of entertainments, why emotional and mental attachment torches to others, and also with those who deserves a better even a best life partner. But this is only the one point that why people do break their relationships and others, there is various causes, disputes as I mentioned in the above points. So now let’s talk about them. And also about their recovery or solving.

First do that, never marriage/choose a man or women, who are not of your level, whatever she/he is very much decent or beautiful, because class matters. While on marriage don’t listen to your parents ever (if you are mature enough to take care of your own, don’t be hypo critic), think that what you are and what he/she is, will it be a good pair, would you both fell comfortable together, is he/she have a good sense of humor to understand a partner ect ect. You must to decide, judge that before say yes. You must to judge him/her with all the way, if you want a better future with him/her.

Problems can be various, as I mentioned through the points, but people I mean couples have to solve it or must try to solve it, yes if she/he want to be with her/him. Otherwise it will not work. Here, according to all the problems, I we inspect each and every points, then in every part or every type of disputes we will find there is lack of love. Hope you all heard, that love is all between a couple’s relationships, yes that’s true, if the husband and wife / Man & women don’t love each other deeply and ovio with pride also, then it is never be possible to be with each other under one roof, or in a bed. So, love can take the 60% responsibility of a relationship. But what about the left 40%, by what the 40% responsibility will be taken. Here the problem comes……………………………….

Some people says, love marriage is better than a arrange marriage and it also very strong, but believe me, I didn’t researched a statistical scenario of that (successful percentage of love marriages & holding percentage of arrange marriages), but all is the same till the end. Yes, may arrange marriage is little bit or more difficult than love marriage. But today’s kinds of arrange marriages are seems to be same towards the love marriage. So where the problem held’s???????? Where it proves that” whatever you love me very much, but max of time you really don’t care about me”???????

It’s all about the formalities, all about the circumstances, all about the feelings of your partner, all about the support, all about the emotional intelligence and many more, which all is fully required to be a real man/women. Yes, that’s true, when love come they all the above increases for her/him, but not all the time bro/sister. In real life our brain works then our heart. So, not only love her/him by heart, make your sense mature, think, if you love her/him than what you can do for your women/man. Try to make him/her satisfy by all the way which can be held in a love relationship. Share your own feelings, sharing is a very important thing in this relationship, & mind be always true to you love, don’t make any unnecessary false statement, yes sometimes people require to tell al lie but this must be managed with love.

Adjustments- The best needed sense in any kind of relationship. If you are married now, and you have the perfect man/women who was dream, then what’s the problem if he/she have done something nonsense or even a big trouble, you are mature enough to handle it. So, give her/him an adviser, try to convince him/her, handle him/her by making love, by giving a proper definition, but don’t quarrel or mismatch. Try to make it.

Give time to each other if you both are too busy than it’s ok, it’s normal, then make your every together moment specious and differently heart touching. Make care for each other give attention to each other.

Circumstances- Are the only crack points, like if your wife/husband have did something then all of the family is opposite of him/her rudely, then you should to try to make it sensible by be with your partner and resolve it.

Don’t let your partner be alone, let him/her know that if there any problem, you are here to be with him/her.

Love making is one of the best senses in this. Make love to each other every day, fell each other deeply by touch and make satisfaction.

Quarrels- why???? Are you foolish that you should quarrel on every argument, be mature, you can solve it by talking while sitting in your rooms table, so why to make it public, never let to know your family matters to others, that’s very much hygienic. And that can make trouble in your relationship.

If you thinking that the love and the feelings are getting chocked in your relationships, then you guyees can or must to take a 7 day or a 1month tour together. This is the best way to recover from this kind of feelings.

And there are other various solving which can be help by together or individually. If you have read these total article and got it in your mind then you really don’t need me more for help, you can manage it.

So go for a healthy and happy married life with full of love and sense.

Look this is not a one side relationship, both must to give the best affords to make it well. And note only one partner cant to give you all her/his love, the another must to enjoy it and to give his/her best response, so, if you are getting that only you are the only who give him/her all the sense, then check twice and if yes, then you should to take a decision now. For any other problems with your love life then get touch with us for getting best solutions using vashikaran mantra that can heal your life.