Check Here has a Govt Job In Your Kundali

Check Here has a Govt Job In Your Kundali

Government jobs are one of the most prestigious career paths in any given country. Offer letters from the government organization seem like an end to all problems in any family. There are a lot of perks and benefits involved when one is working in the government sector.

Benefits of Government Jobs

  • There is stability for life in the government sector. Your health and medical bills are covered and secured.
  • There is a lot less stress, consistent paycheques, job security, manageable work schedule.
  • It holds prestige and supreme power.
  • There are paid leaves and vacations.
  • There is always scope for growth.
  • High-valued jobs and opportunities.

There are so many perks involved in government jobs and the best part is that you have security for life. This is why people get attracted to government jobs because they get to serve the public sectors of the country and also remain paid for life. However, there are a number of challenges when it comes to getting and securing a government job. There are many entrance exams that you need to clear. Also, there are thousands of candidates for one single position so the competition is very challenging these days.

Therefore, it is also a matter of chance and luck when it comes to government jobs because there is no point in wasting your time and energy on something you are not destined to be.

In this case, kundali for government job is highly recommended. So, before you start thinking whether I will get government job? Is there a government job yog in my kundli free? You must ask an expert astrologer to check your horoscope to get government job.

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People born under the signs of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius have a better chance of landing a government job. The Natural Dharma Trikon is made up of these three signs, and having a strong presence of these signs in one’s birth chart makes one energetic and capable. People who are greatly influenced by such three signs have leadership abilities and are also capable of handling government jobs.

The Kundli analysis you can get online can help you get a government job. Let’s look at some specific houses, planetary locations, and planets that play a big role in revealing the major areas of life.

  • First House – This residence keeps track of your goals, ambitions, career, job, and everything else. This house is the first and most important sign that you are headed for a career in government service.
  • Second House – This house represents your health, wealth accumulation, assets, and property.
  • Sixth House – The career goals of a person are represented in the sixth house. Using a free kundali by date of birth can assist you in determining your eligibility for government jobs.
  • Ninth House – An astrological combination of a friendly planet and a powerful Sun in your Kundli’s 9th House increases your chances of landing a government job.
  • Tenth House – By analyzing the tenth house, an astrology expert can forecast your prospects in a white-collar government job.

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When we talk about government services, we need to check few definite factors in the chart. Lets Begin with the planets. Saturn is Karaka of Work and it defines all the work that we do, and it is also the ruler of the 10th house of the natural Zodiac which is defining our karma. So position of Saturn in relation to this 10th house is a very important factor.

Though Saturn do not indicate government job but it is the overall Significator or Karaka for Career and it is also indicate service or job.

Then Next important Planet is Sun. Sun governs over authority, power and position. Not to forget that it also represents the Kingdom, The king and the government. So we need to check the Position of sun with respect to the 10th House, 10th Lord. In case of high level services, the position of Sun with respect to the 5th House also needs to be checked.

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Astrology provides a variety of career remedies, as well as effective work astrology solutions. Astrological solutions for career advancement and career management guidelines provided by expert astrologers aid in the resolution of professional issues.

According to astrology, here are some efficient guidelines for achieving success in your interview and job:

  • Offer boiled rice to crows every Saturday, as they represent Saturn, the god who rules your professional life.
  • Every morning, pour water into a copper vessel and offer it to the Sun. Add a jiggery piece as well, but make sure you do so within one hour of sunrise.
  • Every day, chant the Gayatri and Mahamrityunjay mantras at least 31 times.
  • Lord Ganesha is also the one who ruins all hurdles in your journey, so reciting “Om Gam Ganapataye Namah” every day is really efficient in having to deal with career-related issues.
  • When you wake up in the morning, look at both of your palms with the belief that they will bring you wealth. It is said that Goddess Laxmi resides in palms, so we must begin each day by gazing at them.