Vashikaran Remedies

Vashikaran is a process of mantra to get attraction or control over anybody. You can use vashikaran to control your husband of any other people whom you like or dislike it does not matter. vashikaran remedies are used to remove effects of vashikaran or control over anybody by help of vashikaran both purpose can be solved by vashikaran remedies in hindi. Lal kitab vashikaran remedies are very popular to get immediate effects so anybody can use lal kitab vashikaran remedies to control your husband or wife.

If anybody have use vashikaran over you and now you are working as target pointing you then you use astrological remedies for vashikaran to overcome effects of vashikaran and solve vashikaran problems. If you are not getting satisfactions from your husband or your husband liking any other instead of you then you can use husband vashikaran mantra and remedies to getting your husband love.

Tantric remedies for vashikaran are most popular to get solution of vashikaran problems by help of puja , tantric anusthan, home , hawan etc. Tantric is other way to solve your overcome vashikaran effects of make a vashikaran over particular to get better results. Paranormal remedies for vashikaran are also used to get control over your lover or attract lover towards you. You can get here easy remedies for vashikaran to get promotions in your company because after vashikaran nobody will get against you any complain so you will grow your position day by day.

Vashikaran remedies at home are used to do any vashikaran puja at home very beneficial and by help of it you can use photo or any personal items of your lover or whom you want to get hypnotize so it is easily possible to get vashikaran remedies at home. For getting any type of vashikaran remedies for you any type of problems you can get contact with us, we will try to give you best vashikaran mantra remedies.

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Stri Vashikaran Mantra Prayog Sadhana

Stri Vashikaran Mantra Prayog Sadhana

Stri vashikaran mantra: The vashikaran mantra was founded by vedic and astrologer ancient Indian memorial. Such kind of vashikaran and vedic mantras are in Sanskrit. but if you are doing any bad thing or any bad activity by using such kinds of suddha mantras, then you are going to get this soon. You will be punished very well for such kind of activity. So, doing any wrong thins or making someone feeling bad or sick or giving harm someone is not good. Because swamijis says they will be punished very well who are doing this by using the mantras. So, be careful at the use of the mantras, if you are doing anything wrong and making force on someone, then it will not be better.

Now, here I am giving you several mantras, by which you can do vashikaran on any people.

“Om Hareem Kareem kareem aakarshay vashyam kuroo kuroo sawaha”.

For that you have to make kumkum, keshar, chandan, Oil and cow dunk mixture, and then place it in a place where you can chant it well and comfortably. After that, chant this mantra 208 times for a month and you will get the work be done.

Akarshan Mantra for wife– “Om harem kareem namaha”.

If your wife is not giving attention to you and distracting towards you, then you can try this. For that you have to go to towards the god and after lighting a candle have to chant it 1000 times, continuously a week, my your problem will be solved by that.

“Om chem hreem aam ham sawaha sawaha”.

To apply that vashikaran mantra you have to wear a red cloth, and then have to go in front of god and do chant 10,000 times a day for one week. Hope you will get it.

Shava Mohan Mantra– “Kalu Muh dodhlar karu sanam mere pass

Surmas base jo niche so payan pade

Gosul aajam dastgir ki duhai.”

Every Friday for one year you have to chant it at the morning 4:00 A.M for 2000 times, may after that you get blessed.

“Om asy shri sundrimantar swarth varn

Rishi iti swhapas swaha”.

Chant it 5000 times at the evening 6:00 PM, may your partner will give attention to you.

So, these are some from the vashikaran mantras, you can try them to get the success at your point. There are more mantras and other things in vedic, for various problems and for getting then you can contact to any panditji or sadhuji to get more and the right information, for contacting any sadhuji or panditji ay they will cost you huge or a minimum, and after that they will tell you the procedures which they know and you will be able to do it. And remember, as I said, these are completely waste of time to chant a mantra 1000 or 2000 times, and after that there will nothing will be happened. So, if you really want to deal with such problems, then be mature and then do practical analysis, I mean try to solve problems by finding the main point of problem and then get the success.

For controlling any men or women feel free concern with us any time.