Astrology tips for Marriage solution

Marriage is a very pure and powerful relation between two human beings. Marriage is a strong binding between two souls. Marriage is an ultimate destination of love. If your marriage is getting delayed. Be happy because here we are providing you legal and best remedies for your problems.In hindu dharma this assumes that god shiva and goddess Parvati ji is very helpful in marriage problem.So you if you don not want more delay in marriage go to the temple of god and pray to him your marriage and start pouring water on shiva temple.You should keep image of marriage god in your pocket and in your room wall see every day these image and touch their feet in every morning.One important thing always work in any problem is that you should positive all time it work. This is simple but very useful technique.You may use fast having remedies for this. You start fast on Monday because this is day of God Shiva and God Shiva help in early marriage. You need to take milk in the morning every day. You have to start wearing white and fade color dress. If you are a girl you have to start ‘parvti pooja’ and do it for seven consecutive Mondays. The girl may start Jyotish upay for lovea like kali mata pooja etc.

Jyotish Upay For Happy Married Life

Eveyone wants to live happy and joyful in their marriaged life.When everyone wants to live happy than what is problem is occurs.Because of this reason many peoples afraid to marriage they think that marriage is worse thing, while in past years ,assumes that marriage is holy thing.To solve this problem,we are going to provide you Jyotish upay for your happy married life so now no need to worry about it.Our astrologer will provide you highly maths to overcome your married life obstacle.You need to talk to your spouse about your problem and you should take some steps to give happiness to your partner.Listen him/her carefully and with high attention, these are tiny remedies,but these work very instantly and effectively.You need to change your sleeping posture.Always have your face with your partner and talk to her/him. Always use lovable color for your pillow and your bed sheet. Do meditation regularly with your partner and go for walk in every morning with your spouse and talk to your mate. Go for weekend of every month, do worship daily to your partner. You should start to pouring water to trees. Grow a plant of tulsi in your garden and do water it daily. You have to keep some rose flower in your sleeping room.Change your windows paint color, sometimes this technique is very good. Whenever you talk to your spouse use a very good and kind language.Take full sleep together and wake up in the early morning, Firstly you should see the sun rising and than other work.

Jyotish Upay For Early Marriage

There are many types of remedies available but in these remedies some are effective or some are not useful so here we are providing you different types of jyotish math for early marriage.For early marriage you should keep rudraksha with you always and keep it pure andaway from bad things if you drink alcohol than keep away rudraksha from this.Grow banana plants in your home and take care of it and pour water every day in morning on thing is very necessary in this thing is that you need keep your water holy.You should keep keep rabbit in your home and take care of it,every day feed it.Bath with mixed water of turmeric powder and tulsic leafs.Whenever you start bath process firstly you should remind God shiva and repeat his mantra for eleven time before bath and in mid time of bath make image of your partner and see this and feel this time good and feel like that you already have your mate.Made a clear image of your partner in your mind and meditate for some time daily and remind this process.Before going bed you need to memories your dream mate and feel like that you have.Wear a red color cloths mostly.You can use a your ribbon for early marriage.Tie your ribbon on your right hand but onething you need to remembered that color of should be red and after tie ribbon away from worse things In hindu dharma cow is assumed as mother of all humans,so if you feed some green grass to cow every day.You will be reached your goal.With the use of this maths you not only find your partner early but also you will find your dream mate early.

Jyotish Upay For Marriage

In present era everyone in going away from old methods of marriages.They are living in modern world and now a days your are seeing that every youngster wants freedom and want to about his/her love before marriage and trends of expended world attract them towards love marriages.Many tv shows,movies,new technology,today everyone is going towards open minded society.So they want to test ,experience,and want to know relationship maths before marriage.They wants that they know each other before marriage.They think that if they know each other before marriage they can easily drive their marriage life.Because of this methodology they want love but in this they face astrology problem,horoscope related obstacle.For solve these ill Jyotish upay is very useful and instantly working .Jyotish upay is very easy and working so you can try these.For love finding moon is very helpful so you should see moon in the mid night with your love.Talk to your love in mid night go for walk in mid night with your love and talk to her seen in her/him eyes.Always have a color photo of your love in your pocket and see it in regular interval.Imagine your after marriage life and dream it.How will be your marriage life with your love.Write your lover name on a colored paper and pest on your room wall and write your lover name on leaf of tulsi and drop this into a honey filled bottle. In your middle finger a ring which has a name of your love.Write down some positive words in your dairy and read them always in happy state of mind.

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