Kamdev Mantra For Love Marriage

Kamdev Mantra For Love Marriage, Lord Kamdev and Goddess are the deity of love and desire- the two most prominent feelings that reside in a human heart. These pleasures make life worthwhile but are not always easy to gain. Many people face issues in getting the person they want, and some face difficulties in getting married to them.

Kamdev Mantra For Love Marriage

  • Sometimes, you partner may not agree into marrying you while in other cases your parents might object. However, astrology has solutions to every problem. The following mantras will help you in your cause and shower upon you the blessings of the deities themselves.
  • Oma hrima kaaaali kaapaaline ghoornaadeenee vishaama vimaohyaa, jaagnaamaohyaa saarvaa maohyaa maohyaa thaah thaah thaah swaahaa.
  • The above stated kamdev mantra requires a proper procedure for its fruition.
  • The pooja includes the sthapna or placing of idols or pictures of all main gods. They include Lord Ganesh, Lord Brahma, Devi, navgraha and kalasha.
  • The pooja should be followed by an aarti.
  • If you want the pooja to be more effective, you should call a pandit to perform the rituals.
  • Benefits of this mantra:
  • This mantra will draw you close to the person you want to marry. If your parents or relatives are opposing your choice of marriage, this mantra will calm them down.
  • This mantra will help you add love and romance to your relationship.
  • This mantra can help you make your personality more charming and attractive.
  • It will remove all sorts of hindrances in your love and marital relationship, both before and after marriage.
  • There is another Kamdev-vashikaran mantra which might help you in the process of marrying the person you love. However, your intention of chanting this mantra should be a good and genuine one. The mantra won’t work for destructive purposes.

Oma naamao bhaagwaate kaamadevaaye
Yaashy yaashy drishyo bhaawaamai
Yaashch yaashch maaama sukhaama paashyaati
Taama taama maohyaatu swaahaa

This mantra would help you find the right person for the purpose of marriage and enhance your relationship with the person. It also works if you want to attract a person towards you.

Yu can also take help of yet another kamdev vashikaran mantra for resolving your issue. This mantra if recited with pure faith and dedication will bring the person you love to you. The mantra is:
Om Naamh Kaamdevaay. Saahaakaal Shaadraash saahaamaasaahaa liye waanhe dhunaanaa jaanaamaam daarshaanaang utkaanthitaang renkuru kuru, daaksh daakshudhaar kusum vaaren haan haan swaahaa.


Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati are considered to be the deity of husband wife relationship and marital life. They are the one who began the era of love marriages in the world. Theirs was the first love story and theirs is the perfect example of a marital life.

So, if you are one of his devotees or wish to live a successful married life, then a Shiva mantra can be the best you can get. What can bring you more bounty than the deity of love and marriage himself, Bhole Nath? The following Shiva mantra can fulfill your quest for a successful married life

ॐ वज्रकरण शिवे रुध रुध भवे ममाई अमृत कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||

To chant this mantra, take a picture of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati and go to a Shiva Parvati temple and recite this mantra ten thousand times for eleven days. You can do this at your home as well if you have a temple at your place. After 11 days, reduce the number of chants to 108 times a day. Your wish will soon be fulfilled.


Desires are a characteristic of humans and love is the most excruciating of them all. So if you are one of those who are going through such a desire to marry someone you like, here’s a remedy. The following mantras are quite effective in drawing you closer to the person you want, to the being you desire the most.

Krishna mantra

Keshaavi Keshaavaaraadhyaa Kishori Keshaavstutaa, Rudraa rupaa Rudraa maurtih Rudraani Rudraa devtaa.
Lord Krishna is a symbol of love and rasleela. Radha-Krishna romance has been foretold by each and every person. Just say this mantra 108 times every Friday for three months in front of a Radha-Krishna image. Your love will soon come to you.

Radha Krishna mantra

Omaa Kling Krishnaay Gopijaan Vaallaabhaay Swaahaa.

Just say this mantra with faith and affection in Radha-Krishna temple with desire for the person you want. Visit the temple of Radha-Krishan each Friday and offer a Prasad of makhan and mishri.


Goddess Parvati is the perfect and most revered example of a girl coaxing her love, Lord Shiva into marrying her. Her meditation and practices were the most extreme and praiseworthy. So if you want to convince your boyfriend to marry you, this “Swayamvaraparvathi” mantra can help you.

“Oma Hreema Yogini Yogini Yogeswaari Yogaa Bhaayaankaari Saakaalaa Sthaavaaraa
Jaangaamaaasyaa maukhaa Hrudaayaama maaamaaa Vaasaama aakaarshaa aakaarshaayaa Naamaaahaa:”

But this is not a piece of cake. You have to take an oath or sankalpa in front of the goddess, saying your name, nakshatra and gotra. And tell about your problems and take an oath to chant this mantra 1008 times daily for a total of 108 days. Request the goddess to listen to your prayers and make them fruitful. Offer flowers, fruits, food, nuts, betel leaves, dhoop etc daily.

Other problems for which the mantra is fruitful include:

  • Any sort of delay in marriage
  • Attainment of a successful married life
  • Infertility issues
  • Avoiding divorce

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